ekoton wod-kan 2013

From May 7 to May 9 the company “ESMIL ” participated in the XXI International exhibition of equipment for water supply and sewerage WOD-KAN 2013, which was held in Bydgoszcz, Poland.

To date, WOD-KAN is the most prestigious industrial exhibition in Poland – an area of 13 thousand square m this year housed more than 360 exhibitors from the UK, France, the Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Lithuania and Japan and will present the latest technological solutions for wastewater treatment. According to the organizers of the exhibition it was visited by more than 8,000 guests.

Traditionally, the exhibition has held a competition Grand Prix WOD-KAN 2013, which was attended by 24 companies with 26 products. The competition was conducted in two stages: first, the jury selected 10 semifinalists, and later by reading the most interesting decisions in the course of presentations at the stands of manufacturers, has selected three of the most effective product for wastewater treatment.

ekoton wod-kan 2013

Cost-effective, compact, easy maintenance and high efficiency screw dehydrator ESMIL-TSURIMI were appreciated by the advisory council Grand Prix – a joint product companies ESMIL and Tsurumi Pumps is one of the three winners of the competition WOD-KAN 2013.

multi-disk screw press dehydrator ekoton tsurumi

Screw dehydrator ESMIL-TSURIMI is ideal for mechanical dewatering of sewage sludge in wastewater treatment plants with low productivity, precipitation of industrial waste water containing oil, petroleum products, fatty substances, and precipitation with a low dry matter content. Production of screw dehydrators with a Japanese company Tsurimi Pumps with factories ESMIL allows combining quality products, due to 20 years of the Japanese partner’s experience, with availability in the acquisition and maintenance on the territory of the European Union and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

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