Disc press JD

The Aquaizol plant, located in Kalush, Ivano-Frankivsk region, is the largest producer of bitumen-polymer roofing materials in Ukraine and Eastern Europe and complies with all European rules and regulations for the production of products, including environmental ones.

Last year, Aquaizol LLC approached Esmil Group with a request to improve sludge treatment after washing PET containers and to create a way to reuse the purified wash water. The wastewater sludge from the Aquaizol plant is characterized by a high content of dry matter (up to 10%), fats, oil products and abrasives (sand), which makes it difficult to dewater. It is difficult to find a reliable, cost-effective, and efficient dewatering solution for such sludge. Most of the known types of equipment are not designed for such applications and wear out quickly, requiring frequent and expensive repairs (e.g. centrifuges) or higher capital and operating costs (e.g. belt filter presses).

To improve the efficiency of sludge dewatering, Esmil Group proposed to carry out pilot tests of the Disc Press JD-500 to determine its performance in the production conditions of the Aquaizol plant. Compared to other sludge dewatering equipment, the Disc Press JD can handle even the most difficult sludge and ensure reliable operation without abrasive wear and jamming.

During the pilot tests, the hydraulic capacity, dry solids capacity and optimal operating conditions were determined, and the Disc Press JD itself proved to be highly reliable and efficient. This made it possible to choose the optimal model of equipment for dewatering complex sludge at the Aquaizol plant.

Testing Disc Press JD-500
Testing Disc Press JD-500

As a result of the tests of the Disc Press JD-500 at the Aquaizol plant on sludge with high sand content, the following results were achieved:

  • Hydraulic capacity: 2.04 m3/h
  • Dry solids capacity: 142 kg DM/h
  • Inlet dry solids content: 7%
  • Dry solids content in the cake: 45-50%
  • Flocculant dosage: 2.2 kg/t DM
  • TSS in the filtrate: 100-200 mg/l

Based on the results of the pilot tests, the Customer chose the Disc Press JD-750, which has many advantages:

  • Reliably dewaters sludge with a high mineral content without abrasive wear and jamming
  • Highly efficient in dewatering various types of sludge containing fat, oils, and abrasives
  • Highly resistant to corrosion
  • Easy to maintain and operate

Disc press JD

Thus, in December 2023, Aquaizol LLC and Esmil Group signed a contract for the supply of the Disc Press JD-750, which will be delivered in the spring of 2024. An important factor in the selection of the equipment was the high sand content in the sludge caused by the specifics of production.

We believe that the Esmil equipment will significantly increase the efficiency of the Aquaizol bitumen-polymer roofing plant. Esmil Group is proud that leaders in various industries choose Esmil equipment.