ekoton ie-expo 2017

From May 4 to 6, 2017, ESMIL Industrial Group took part in the Asia’s leading trade fair for environmental technology solutions IE expo 2017 again.

IE expo China is a forerunner of environmental technology exhibitions in Asia and a platform that enables leading environmental companies to efficiently display their strength. This exhibition is not only a must for the Asian market, but also attracts many international companies from outside of Asia. The number of visitors increase every year and in 2017 over 55,000 visitors from 60 countries and regions came to Shanghai over these three days.

ekoton ie-expo 2017

The Chinese environmental market is very ambitious and tends to modernise. IE expo China is an excellent event to present high-tech products to this promising market.

At the exhibition we presented our innovative product – air diffusers. ESMIL tube air diffusers were developed for application in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants. They are predominantly used for oxygenation the wastewater in the aeration tank as well as for providing the efficient mixing of the aeration tank content.

ekoton tube air diffusers apvkekoton tube air diffusers apvk

The tubular design of ESMIL air diffusers provides the following advantages in comparison with other analogues:

  • ESMIL air diffusers generate bubbles with diameter of 2-3 mm, which provides effective mass transfer and sludge mixing;
  • Uniform air distribution throughout the aeration tank;
  • High resistance to water hammers, pressure drops and other mechanical impacts;
  • Highly resistant to a wide range of aggressive environments and temperatures;
  • Simple assembling;
  • Low capital and operating costs.

A lot of potential customers from water treatment and environmental monitoring industries visited our booth and showed interest in our products. We had a lot of positive talks with high-potential clients and partners. The trade fair provided us with promising ideas and relevant information. We are really pleased with new contacts that have been made and contracts that will be closed soon.

ekoton ie-expo 2017

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