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According to the World Bank project of Sewage and treatment plants reconstruction in Bukhara and Samarkand, the modernization of treatment facilities in Farhad, Samarkand was completed.

A large-scale project of the treatment facilities reconstruction in Uzbekistan started in 2009. Due to wear and tear, the obsolence of the sewage system in Samarkand and the surrounding regions led to the need of its urgent replacement.

Under the program, our partner, the general contractor, Maxsus Qurilish-3 Toshkent Bulimi Ltd, completed the construction, installation of equipment and commissioning of new sewage treatment facilities in Farhad at the end of 2017.

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The following ESMIL equipment is installed and successfully operates on the new Farhad wastewater treatment plant:

Mechanical treatment section:

  • Bar Screens;
  • Screw Compacting Press;
  • Manual screen;
  • Tangential Flow Grit Chamber (sand separator);
  • Chain Scrapers ESMIL-PROBIG for Grit Chambers;
  • Slide Gates.

Biological treatment section

  • Air Diffusers for Aeration tanks;
  • Decanters;
  • Slide Gates.

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