The Esmil industrial base consists of 3 powerful manufacturing plants, which are equipped with modern machinery. This allows us to manufacture both mass-produced equipment, as well as most of the required non-standard equipment.

Esmil Company is certified according to the ISO standards for the Quality Management and Environmental Protection System, and has the following certifications:

  • IQNet ISO 9001:2008
  • Quality Austria ISO 9001:2008

Esmil Industrial Group is the owner of more than 30 patents on our equipment. We add about 5 patents annually on new and innovative solutions or improvements.

We support our customers during the sales process, as well as by providing startup and commissioning services and support through the warranty and post-warranty periods.

The success formula of the Esmil equipment consists of the following three components:

  • Engineering ideas. We combine the experience in the machine industry and wastewater treatment world to bring you a market-leading solution.
  • Top-class machinery. This allows us to carry out all preparation, mechanical processing, welding and assembly accurately, quickly and with high precision. We use machines from Japanese, Swiss and German manufacturers in our production.
  • Production culture. We have a proud manufacturing culture that includes, among others, the philosophy of working with stainless steel and aluminum.

Today we make extensive use of robotic machinery in our manufacturing shops, achieving very high quality, production rates and repeatability on the production line. Providing a resistant, tight and aesthetically pleasing welding seam is a great challenge – this is met by our qualified and professional welders, as well as our industrial robots.

These industrial robots are essential for welding mass-produced units, as they are able to operate according to a specified program around the clock, while constantly delivering a high-quality welding seam.

Below you can find some videos from our production plants.

Technologies and Equipment for Wastewater Treatment

Esmil Group is a leading global manufacturer of equipment for wastewater treatment and a provider of advanced water treatment and “Zero Waste” solutions for various industries.

Central Asia and Caucasus

Engineering solutions & Membrane Technologies