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The International Organization for Migration (IOM), together with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in Ukraine, continues to work with local water utilities to improve the quality of water supply and sewerage in many regions. Thanks to numerous donors from around the world, IOM signed a contract for the supply of mechanical back raked screens for water utilities in Ukraine. The equipment was supplied by Esmil Group.

Due to a large number of internally displaced people as a result of Russian aggression, the load on wastewater treatment facilities in Central and Western Ukraine has increased significantly. This resulted in a critical situation for the water utilities infrastructure, which was in need of comprehensive modernization even before the war: outdated equipment was not ready for an increase in load several times, which could have resulted in a municipal sewage system collapse. In order to prevent this problem, it was decided to modernize the sewage pumping stations in the cities that need it most by installing new mechanical sewage screens. Modernization will not only allow to cope with the increased amount of wastewater, but also improve the quality of its treatment.

Back raked screen Esmil

As part of the contract, IOM and ESMIL supply mechanical sewage screens to the water utilities of Khmelnytsky, Berdychiv and Zhytomyr.

In April 2023, Khmelnitsk WWTP received 5 back raked screens of various sizes to be installed at the sewage pumping stations and a set of cable products for equipment installation. Berdychiv WWTP received 4 back raked screens RP 1118 to be installed at the main sewage pumping station and sewage pumping station Rybna. Other 8 back racked screens were supplied to Zhytomyr WWTP.

Back raked screen Esmil

Compared to sewage screens from other manufacturers, Esmil screens have a lot of benefits:

  • An important feature of the back raked screen is its design. The rake mechanism is located behind the bars and comes into contact with already purified water. This greatly reduces the likelihood of fouling by dirt or jamming by large objects.
  • The design of the filtration area is a set of separate bars bent in the upper part towards the waste discharge and fixed only in the lower part of the screen. Such construction eliminates the risk of jamming the rakes even when fibrous contaminants are found in wastewater.
  • The round profile of the bars reduces hydraulic resistance in comparison with the rectangular one and provides high throughput of the screen.
  • The bars are installed over the entire length of the screen — from the bottom of the channel to the discharge. This improves the removal of screenings from the filtration area more thoroughly.
  • The rakes are installed with a gap of 500 mm, which allows to remove wastes from the screen more effectively. This is especially important during periods of peak wastewater inputs.
  • The screen control system can be automated in various modes, including control by operating time, water level before the screen, water level difference in the channel before and after the screen, etc.
  • The screen drive: high-reliability worm gear motor by one of the world-leading companies NORD Drive Systems.
  • There are no components and mechanisms in the structure of the back raked screen that requires constant maintenance.
  • The back raked screen has a significant abrasion resistance in the case of high sand content in the wastewater.
  • ESMIL back raked screen is equipped with a mechanical overload protection device, which adjusts the trigger by the spring force.

Back raked screen Esmil

The installation of Esmil back raked screens will increase the efficiency of wastewater treatment and protect equipment at the next stages of treatment, such as pumps and the aeration system, from larger mechanical impurities that can cause damage.

Thanks to the collaborative effort of international donors IOM and USAID, water utilities in Ukraine continue to modernize their treatment systems and improve their operations. The proper operation of water supply and sewage treatment plants is crucial to providing the locals with drinking water and sewerage services. As a manufacturer with Ukrainian roots, Esmil Group is proud to contribute to the restoration of our country’s infrastructure through collaborations with well-known international organizations.

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