Multidisc screw press MDQ

Equipment installed:

Esmil’s representative in Indiana, American Pump Repair and Service, worked closely with the engineering firm and the plant to devise the best plan to solve the plant’s issue with underperforming belt thickening and conventional screw press dewatering equipment. In addition to this problem, the existing machines were accumulating higher operating costs related to resource consumption (wash water, electrical, polymer consumption, labor) and higher maintenance costs (wear parts, broken part replacement, maintenance labor and downtime). Also, the higher cost related to wetter cake material being transported to landfills was compounding quickly. Something needed to be done to address all these issues.

The plan of attack

Look for technology with very low maintenance and operating costs. A technology that is simple to operate and will require no special qualifications of a certified factory technician. Something that can run hands-free and produce results above the stated requirements.

Esmil was awarded the job due to the certainty that Esmil equipment would outperform the existing thickening and dewatering equipment and meet all other requirements mentioned above.

Action items

Replace the belt thickening press before the digestor with a 3-drum Esmil multi-disc thickener. And, replace conventional screw press with two 3-drum Esmil multi-disc screw presses. One of the two screw presses is a redundant press and not required for full production. All conveyance in the dewatering area is to be provided new. The new shaftless screw conveyors were designed and manufactured by Esmil allowing seamless integration between machines and conveyance and providing multiple discharge zones for truck haul-away.

Final results

The exiting belt thickener was removed and taken out of commission. In its place, the new Esmil MDQ-353TLD was installed to thickened sludge feeding the anaerobic digestor. The Esmil thickener was sized to meet the stated requirement of up to 102 m3/h infeed of 0.8% TS WAS and thicken to 4.5%. The unit was installed and commissioned and is currently exceeding expectations.

The required total sludge feed to the multi-disc screw presses is 41 m3/h. The MDQ-353CLD dewatering press was required to dewater and produce up to 18% DS cake. The MDQ dewatering press selected included a double mixing tank design, one of several designs available through Esmil. The dual tank design provides a fully adjustable high-speed “pre” mixing tank where infeed sludge and polymer first come together, and flocculation begins. This tank is followed by a larger tank with another mixing motor where floc formations can be adjusted by the operator if needed. 

As in so many other projects, Esmil included polymer feeding as part of the package. When ancillary equipment such as polymer feeder, sludge pump, cake conveyors etc. are provided, Esmil gladly assumes all responsibility of monitoring and controlling the equipment making the entire unit a finely tuned system.

Success! Installation and startup went smoothly, and the equipment supplied by Esmil is performing above and beyond the stated requirements and will likely do so for many years to come. Dry cake results are greater than 18%, filtrate quality is greater than 98% and polymer consumption is very efficient and less than expected! Thank you to all who have made this possible!

Successful machine start-up was completed in August 2023.

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