Ekoton Aerobic Treatment System Successfully Operates at Tesla Giga Shanghai Factory

Tesla, a leading electric vehicle manufacturer, is committed to environmental and sustainability issues and thus sets an example not only for its industry but for the whole of humanity. We are glad to be a part of this global process and work with world leaders to meet their highest requirements. As a result, we constantly raise goals and standards for ourselves.

Esmil aeration system was installed at Tesla Gigafactory 3 wastewater treatment facilities in Shanghai in May 2019. This plant was built in just a year, and today it is one of the largest factories of the company. The production capacity of the enterprise at the time of opening was 150,000 electric vehicles per year, but work is underway to increase the annual capacity to 250,000 vehicles. Today the factory produces Model 3 and the new Tesla Model Y crossover.

The aeration system is a part of biological wastewater treatment facilities, and its task is to saturate the liquid with oxygen and at the same time create a turbulent environment in the aeration tank. Esmil tube air diffusers are highly efficient and reliable, do not require maintenance and resistant to mechanical damage. When operating in automated systems for controlling the oxygen concentration in the sludge mixture, Esmil aeration systems provide high speed of response to changes, which allows maintaining the optimal operating mode of the biological treatment equipment.

Ekoton Aerobic Treatment System Successfully Operates at Tesla Giga Shanghai Factory

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