Kharkiv WWTP

Operating at a massive scale, the Kharkiv Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) encompasses two treatment facilities, handling a total capacity of 1,000,000 m3 per day. Over the past two years, the modernization efforts have been funded through programs supported by the World Bank and UNICEF. Esmil Group has played a crucial role in this effort, providing essential equipment to aid in the rehabilitation process.

The Rehabilitation includes:

  • installation of new sewage screens, to ensure safe and reliable WWTPs operation,
  • new aeration system based on robust and efficient Esmil Fiber Tube Air Diffusers, to reduce significantly electricity consumption,
  • new clarifiers scrapers, to ensure the quality of biological wastewater treatment process,
  • new automated penstocks, to make the WWTPs operation more flexible and safe.

Kharkiv WWTP modernisation

Despite the challenges, including the need for various types of equipment and harsh operating conditions, Esmil Group successfully completed an international contract on time, contributing significantly to the rehabilitation process.

Part of the modernization was executed under the UNICEF program, with Esmil delivering 16 bar screens in late 2022 to replace damaged sewage screens, a testament to the reliability and quality of Esmil’s equipment.

Additionally, under the World Bank’s “Urban Infrastructure Development-2 (UIP2)” project, Esmil Group provided essential equipment between 2023 and 2024, enhancing sewage screens, primary and secondary clarifiers, and aeration systems for biological treatment at Municipal water treatment facilities No. 1 and 2 of Kharkiv WWTP. The ongoing installation of this technological equipment marks significant progress in the rehabilitation efforts.

Renowned worldwide for reliability and efficiency, Esmil’s equipment continues to be the preferred choice for critical projects like those in Kharkiv.

Esmil Group remains dedicated to supporting Kharkiv’s environmental rehabilitation, eagerly anticipating further contributions to the region’s sustainable development and recovery. Proud to be part of the city’s renovation, this endeavor holds special significance for half of our employees who call Kharkiv home.

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