Esmil Multi-Disc Screw Press MDQ

ESMIL Group signed a contract together with Hydreutes, S.A.U., a reputable supplier of wastewater treatment solutions in Spain to deliver Multi-Disc Screw Press dehydrator MDQ-201. This is already the second project realized for this particular client meaning that our MDQ dehydrator satisfies the expectations of our customers. When installed, MDQ-201 dehydrator will dewater surplus activated sludge (SAS).

The Esmil Tsurumi MDQ Multi-Disc Screw Press Dehydrator provides the most efficient method of dewatering for municipal wastewater treatment plants and a wide range of industrial sewage sludge, containing fats, oils, fibrous and abrasive substances. The dewatering process provided by the MDQ Multi-Disc Screw Press Dehydrators is operated using minimal energy and requires the least amount of other resources (flocculant, rinsing water, wear parts), as well as minimal maintenance and staff supervision, compared to any other dewatering equipment.

The dewatered sludge after treatment in the dehydrator can reach a residual moisture content of 60-82% with an average flocculant dose of 1.5 – 3.5 kg/t of sludge dry matter.

The multi-disc screw press dehydrators can process the most difficult sludge:

  • various flotation sludge types;
  • fatty and oil-containing sludge;
  • sludge, containing sand and other mineral abrasive substances;
  • sticky sludge – optionally, the screw surface is covered with Teflon material, preventing sludge sticking.

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