ekoton ifat 2018

From May 14-18, 2018 in Munich, Germany one of the world’s biggest international exhibitions in water, sewage and waste took place – the IFAT.

This year the exhibition gathered a record amount of visitors: more than 141 thousand professionals in sewer systems from 160 countries across the world came to Munich to see the most modern and most effective solutions for wastewater and waste treatment, which were presented by 3305 exhibitors from 58 countries.

The ESMIL Industrial Group, as one of the leading companies which produce equipment for wastewater treatment and sludge dewatering, has taken part in this event for the sixth time. Also, for the second time at the ESMIL booth, it had managed to arrange an International Sewer Services Forum, which drew attention on itself of the best branch representatives staying those May days in Munich.

ekoton ifat 2018

The topic of this year’s meeting was “Experience of Polish companies and prospective of development concerning new global trends and technologies. Innovations and modern technologies as a guarantee of further branch development”. Nowadays, when life changes so quickly, to face new professional challenges within a rich current dynamic world, companies have not only to focus on existing reliable solutions but also to constantly go ahead and research new trends, which just come into play but will soon become an essential part of the branch. That is exactly the goal which was set before the meeting organiser and those who took place in it. It is confirms that such a  viewpoint is familiar to other water professionals.

The Second International Forum organized by ESMIL Company was held under the patronage of the Polish Republic Senator – Małgorzata Kopiczko. The co-organising company was the Polish Sewer Service Companies’ representation “Izba Gospodarcza Wodociągi Polskie”. To our pleasure, attendance by Polish exhibitors at the IFAT Exhibition was high. At a solemn opening we were accompanied by Dorota Jakuta – the President of “Izba Gospodarcza Wodociągi Polskie”, Marcin Król – the consul of the Polish Republic in Munich, Wojciech Paweł Jassak – the President of Derictorate of PWiK sp. z o.o. – the Municipal Sewer Service Company in Ełk, Petro Trunov – the owner of ESMIL IG and PRODEKO-EŁK, Gennadii Baklanov – the President of Directorate of PRODEKO-EŁK, Baiba Gulbe – the Director of Lithuanian Sewer Service Companies Association.

A lot of interesting and important topics were raised, and among the following were:

  • Polish challenges and activities in the context of Entrepreneurship and today’s realities. Innovations and modern technologies as a guarantee of further branch development;
  • Current challenges connected to the further development of the sewer service branch in Poland;
  • Practice of Polish sewer service companies in searching for permanent partners in technological equipment selection during project creation and implementation (on example of Ełk, Mrągowo, Grudziądz).

Conversations were held in terms of substantivness as well as practical aspects, which made The Second International Sewer System Forum of much interest. At the end of the conversations there was a discussion on the topic of the private engineering and manufacturing companies’ significance and role for further industry development. It talked about methods of modernization of equipment for wastewater treatment in the situation of the funding absence from the government.

ekoton ifat 2018

One of the ways of solving this problem is strategic partnership between the equipment manufacturer and the wastewater treatment plant. ESMIL Prodeko-Ełk representatives passed on their experience in such cooperation on the example of a huge amount of sewer service companies which it has worked with in different countries. The long-term cooperation is fruitful for both the parties; it is based on mutual trust, focusing on long-term relationship and systematic work, which aims to achieve the best possible results. The wide experience of the ESMIL Company in not only manufacturing of equipment but also  in the organisation of technological processes at wastewater treatment plants allows for efficient complex solutions, systematic tasks for specific sewer service companies and all the branches in general.

After the Forum had come to an end, the manufacturers’ stands visiting took place, where the earlier conversations were continued.

We would like to sincerely thank co-organisers of the International Forum, all the guests who took part in it and actively shared their experience and points of view. Such meetings have a very good influence on sewer branch development. We count on that each next edition of the Sewer Service Forum will be also rich in interesting discussions and efficient solutions of the current branch problems, and will encourage more and more guests to participate. Thanks to all IFAT participants in Munich this year and to our Forum guests! We also invite everyone to take part in the next branch meetings which will be organised by ESMIL Prodeko-Ełk.

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