Esmil Multi-Disc Screw Press MDQ

In August – October 2020, a new model of dehydrators – MDQ-451 C multi-disc screw press – was presented at water treatment facilities in the EU and CIS. The demonstration dehydrator of the new MDQ-45X series, accompanied by ESMIL specialists, has been exhibited for two months for the WWTP of the cities with millions of inhabitants and small settlements, as well as for the treatment facilities of industrial enterprises.

The ESMIL Industrial Group and Japanese company Tsurumi Pump presented the machine with the largest screw which has a diameter of 400 mm. Its creation required a considerable engineering effort since with the increase in size, it becomes much more difficult to withstand the strict requirements for production accuracy. ESMIL Tsurumi dehydrator screws are distinguished by the perfect flatness of the rings and the geometry of the reinforced screw edge – when creating a new model, all the advantages were carefully preserved. We are happy to celebrate the success of more than a year of work of our international team!

Multi-disc screw presses are a modern energy-efficient solution for dewatering, which reduces the sludge volume by an average of 10-15 times. Esmil Tsurumi dehydrators have proven to be highly efficient equipment with minimal power consumption and low operating costs. Due to the high level of automation, the dehydrators are very easy to maintain and require minimal attention from the maintenance staff. All these benefits are well known to industry professionals, and the new standard series of dehydrators allows using the equipment not only in small and medium wastewater treatment plants but also on the water utilities of cities.

Simultaneously, with the presentation of the new dehydrator model pilot tests were conducted at the facilities. Testing equipment in the operational environment is an excellent solution for operating organizations, which allows working out the optimal characteristics of the technological process, namely, selecting reagents and determining the performance of equipment for this particular object. Representatives of the WWTP and enterprises where the tests were held were satisfied with the performance of the equipment.

Presentation of a New Model of MDQ-450 Multi-disc Screw Press for WWTP

During pilot tests, the new dehydrator with the largest drum proved and in some cases exceeded the calculated values for its performance and overall technological efficiency. When dewatering a sludge mixture of municipal wastewater treatment plants (raw sludge and excess activated sludge), the productivity reached 700 kg of dry matter/h, with a humidity of the resulting cake of 78-79%. The flocculant dose was relatively low and did not exceed 3 kg of concentrate per ton of dry sediment.

The ESMIL Industrial Group and Tsurumi Pump continue their joint R&D activities to develop sludge-dewatering technology using MDQ dehydrators, increasing its efficiency and performance.