Step screen


The most efficient equipment for the fine treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater with a high separation degree of small floating inorganic and fibrous inclusions.

RSK Step Screen – the most efficient equipment for the fine treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater with a high separation degree of small floating inorganic and fibrous inclusions.

Application features of Step Screens: 

  • fine wastewater treatment – minimum spacing width is 3 mm
  • high throughput capacity;
  • self-cleaning filtering surface design;
  • air-assisted agitation system of sand sediments.

Advantages and practical benefits of Esmil Step Screens:

  • The design adapts to almost any installation site.
  • Installation in channels of any size. In some cases, unclosed gaps can be blocked by rubber sealings.
  • Operation in the mode of continuous lifting and transportation of screenings.
  • Narrow slot width and the filtration of the flow by the “carpet” of the lifted screenings which significantly increases the separation efficiency.
  • Self-cleaning of plates without the use of auxiliary mechanisms, brushes or rinsing with water.
  • Prevention of screenings’ falling back into the channel due to the reduced spacings of 1 mm in the area above the channel.
  • Low amenability to sand and gravel.
  • Easy replacement of the filtering surface in case of damage.
  • The use of a reliable worm gear motor from the world brand, NORD Drive Systems.
  • Thin sheet metal plates with a thickness of 2-3 mm provide a high throughput capacity of the screen.
  • Removal of fine sediments using a perforated pipe. The pipe is installed at the bottom of the screen and is used to stir up sediments that can be accumulated before the screen.
  • Integration into existing facilities for wastewater treatment. Options of automation and synchronization with other types of equipment.
  • Mechanical and electrical overload protection in case of jamming.

Esmil Step Screen RSK

Convenience of operation and maintenance of RSK Step Screens:

  • Stable operation of the screen in various modes of hydraulic load due to the air-assisted agitation system, which eliminates sand sediments under the lamellas.
  • Operating mode options – by the level of wastewater, by time or continuously.
  • Adjustable supports for easy installation and compensation for channel depth deviations.
  • Reliable protection against the spread of odor due to the housing closed design.
  • Comfortable service – the main components are available for external inspection in operating condition.

Durability of Esmil Step Screens:

  • The use of AISI 304 or AISI 316 stainless steel. Additional anti-corrosion treatment – volume etching and passivation.
  • Strong housing that is resistant to damage, inaccurate installation or rough transportation conditions.

Technical characteristics of Esmil Step Screens

Channel width500 … 2300 mm
Channel depth500 … 5000 mm
Materialstainless steel AISI 304 (optional 304L, 316, 316L), PP-C polypropylene
DriveNORD worm or cylindrical gear motor with a reversing lock
Drive power0.75 ... 2.2 kW
Spacing3, 5 or 6 mm
Plates’ thickness2 or 3 mm

Do you often have problems with sand sediments at the bottom of the channel?

Thanks to the applied air-assisted agitation system, the situation with sand sediments at the channel bottom, which is characteristic of other types of screens, is eliminated.

Is it necessary to take technical breaks in the Esmil Step Screen work?

The screen is designed for continuous operation.

Is it possible to replace the lamellas of the RSK Step Screen without its dismantling and how difficult is the daily maintenance of the screen?

The main components of the equipment are available for external inspection and maintenance in operating condition. The screen is easily lifted above the channel. When replacement of the plates is required, their mounting design allows removing the plates one at a time without disassembling the entire screen.

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