SIZE OF WWTP 700 m3/day (184 900 GPD)
END USER Northern Hungary regional water and wastewater utility provider, ÉRV Zrt.
CUSTOMER Northern Hungary regional water and wastewater utility provider, ÉRV Zrt.


The client was not satisfied with the existing belt-filter press because of high repair and maintenance costs, therefore they decided to change it during the general reconstruction of WWTP. The client was looking for sludge dewatering solution with low power consumption as well as small footprint to be installed in place of the existing filter press.


After the detailed analysis and comparison with other manufacturers, the client chose our dehydrator. The client was impressed by reliability, low wash water consumption and negligible odour emissions due to the enclosed design of our dehydrators operating in Scécsény and Ózd WWTPs, Hungary. Based on the required dewatering capacity, one unit of MDQ-351 C was installed, while previously installed belt-filter press is stored as a metal scrap in the territory of WWTP. Esmil specialists actively assisted during all project steps – starting from the development of new sludge dewatering scheme, ending with the replacement of existing facilities with new equipment and pipework installation – making it virtually a turnkey project.


Type of sludgeThickened waste activated sludge
Unit Sludge Supply4-5.3 m3/h (18-23 GPM)
80 kg DS/h (176 lb DS/h)
Feed Sludge DS Concentration1.5-2 %
Cake DS Concentration18-19 %
Operation Time8 h/d
Average Polymer Dose4-6 g/kg DS (8-12 lb/ton DS)
Unit Daily Power Consumption6.5 kW*h

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