Esmil Multi-Disc Screw Press MDQ

One of the most popular solutions when choosing equipment for the dewatering of municipal and industrial sludge is the multi disc screw presses of the MDQ series, manufactured by Esmil Group (previously – Ekoton Industrial Group) under license from the TSURUMI Pump Corporation. Such advantages of dehydrators as stability and reliability, cost-effectiveness and efficiency, the ability to integrate into existing control systems, advanced control options for a complex of auxiliary equipment, ease of adjustment and maintenance, long-term operation without replacing main working elements, noiselessness, cleanliness of the workplace, and finally, the ergonomics and time-tested optimality of solutions implemented in dehydrators – all these are certainly liked by users of this type of equipment.

Compared to other dewatering equipment Esmil Multi-disc Screw Press MDQ product range consists of more than 25 different models with a productivity range of 3-3780 kgDS/h and 0.05-200 m3/h for municipal sludge and 3-5040 kgDS/h and 0.05-100 m3/h for industrial sludge. Smart compact design and small footprint significantly reduce CAPEX, space and energy consumption. The product range of the other types of dewatering equipment as centrifuges, for example, starting with much higher productivities and as a result much more CAPEX and OPEX.

For our clients, we offer a family of MDQ dehydrators, which includes small, medium, large and very large machines. Not so long ago, our Hungarian company Ekoszvít Center Kft launched a small dehydrator MDQ-201C, which began its work at the SZABADOS-HÚS Kft wastewater treatment plant located in the small Hungarian town of Rákocifálva. As in any other of our projects, the installation and commissioning of the equipment is preceded by careful preliminary works. In this project, the local company VI-TEQUA Kft successfully did this.

The wastewater treatment complex of a meat plant includes primary mechanical cleaning, fine mechanical post-treatment, physical and chemical treatment of wastewater in a flotation unit, and finally, dewatering of flotation scum with high-fat content and disposal of the cake. From an economic point of view, a very interesting solution from VI-TEQUA Kft is the installation of a DAF-unit with a united control system in a mobile system container, usage of a polymer station for the flotation and the multi-disc screw press MDQ, as well as the possibility of remote control of all parameters of the implemented technology.

Multi-disc screw presses MDQ is the best choice for the meat processing plants. This type of equipment gives excellent results (20-45% DS concentration in the dewatered sludge) with low volume of reagents, energy and wash water consumption.

The main parameters of the multi-disc screw press MDQ-201 C in this project:

  • hydraulic load: 0.7 – 1.4 m3h,
  • maximum capacity: 35 kgDSh,
  • DS content in flotation sludge: 3% -5%

Esmil Multi-disc Screw Press MDQ

We are also pleased to announce that 3 more dehydrators: MDQ-351 CL, MDQ-352 CL, MDQ-353 CL (belonging to the categories of medium and large machines) have already been ordered by our Hungarian partners and will be put into operation in 2022, 23 and 24.

We invite everyone to get to know our equipment better, we will be very glad to participate in your projects, and we offer to plan your decisions in advance!

Construction of the wastewater treatment complex by VI-TECQUA Kft started in the spring of 2022, and it was up and running during the summer. The installation took only a short period of time thanks to the container design that can be made 90% operational while still in the workshop, so there’s little work to be done at the installation locale. There’s also no need for a powerhouse design nor construction.

Rákocifálva wastewater treatment system

Basic elements of the system:

  • automatic outdoor screw filter machine, with a 2 mm filter size,
  • homogenizing basin with deep aerator,
  • physical and chemical treatment of wastewater in a DAF flotation unit,
  • disposal of the flotation sludge with deep aeration,
  • multi-disk screw press dehydrators of the MDQ series by Esmil Group.

Rákocifálva wastewater treatment system

The whole system engine is automatic. Starting and stopping are controlled and monitored by level probes. The self-developed flotation machine has a high, 90-95% efficiency. System control is modern and easy to use because of the graphic touch screen. Every part of the system can be controlled by a smartphone application, so every adjustment can be done remotely.

Rákocifálva wastewater treatment system

Preparation, quantity adjustments and injection of chemicals is also completely automatic. After the training period, local operators will be able to maintain the engine by 60-90 minutes of work per day. With daily check ups, operators will be easily able to control the quality of the wastewater emission.

Rákocifálva wastewater treatment system

For our health!

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