The expediency of process optimization

Customized technological solutions based on specially selected optimal process parameters allow achieving significantly higher efficiency of wastewater treatment with a smaller capital and operational expenses. Moreover, preliminary laboratory or pilot studies sometimes make it possible to avoid making wrong technological decisions that may be the result of inaccurate or unreliable source data.

Quite often, existing wastewater treatment plants can use outdated technology, while their modernization would significantly reduce costs on chemicals, water and electricity, as well as improve the quality of wastewater treatment while meeting the current requirements for their discharge, which are getting constantly more severe.

Our Capabilities and Services

Esmil possesses research laboratories and a wide range of pilot and laboratory equipment, which is operated by highly qualified technologists and engineers and allows us to provide our company’s customers with quality services of preliminary investigation and implement the most cost-effective and technologically efficient solutions. From the very beginning of project development, we go step by step through all the important stages of research, perform appropriate calculations and analyze the data, which allows choosing reliably and safely the most effective methods of wastewater and sludge treatment in each case.

Esmil strategy for conducting the process optimization

Advantages of the process optimization

The Esmil strategy of preliminary investigation developed and tested over the years allows for the effective implementation of projects of any complexity by applying specific technologies for the treatment of wastewater from different industries using the vast experience that we have gained during the construction of wastewater treatment plants at various enterprises.

One of the most important advantages of the step-by-step project implementation is the introduction of non-standard technological solutions, which allows us to comply with all the requirements and requests of the Customer to the treatment process due to the individual approach at each site. Besides, after thorough verification of the effectiveness of the technology, it is possible to implement completely new and unique solutions, which may be an important competitive advantage for the Customer.

We go through a common way of project implementation together with the customer and offer, among other things, turnkey solutions, lease and operation of facilities, service, monitoring and improvement of treatment methods.