Radial Scraper


This high-tech equipment is designed to remove sediment from the bottom and floating substances from the surface of the water in radial settling tanks.

Radial Scraper Esmil is a high-tech equipment designed to remove sediment from the bottom and floating substances from the surface of the water in radial settling tanks.

DESIGNATED AREA – radial settling tanks at the sewage treatment plants.

Operation principle and advantages of Esmil’s sludge scrapers

  • Based on the process of sedimentation of wastewater. Insoluble impurities settle at the bottom of the settling tank, and light floating substances float to the surface. Sediment from the bottom of the settling tank is removed by the bottom scrapers.
  • Sludge scrapers are designed as a single functional complex of equipment: a bridge truss, a platform, scraper vanes with scrapers, a geared trolley.
  • Esmil Group produces settling tanks with diameters of 16, 18, 24, 28, 30, 40, 50 and 54 m. It is possible to manufacture equipment of non-standard diameters.
  • Access to the central part of the sludge scraper is provided by a bridge truss. Its high strength has been achieved by a special construction shape, and it weighs significantly less than constructions of other manufacturers.
  • When replacing obsolete equipment, Sludge Scraper is installed in the existing settling tanks. There is no need to rework the structural base of the concrete bowl.
  • The sludge scrapers are equipped with a tray edge cleaning system. The brush automatically cleans trays with both one-sided and two-sided overflow. Thanks to a specially selected degree of rigidity, a high quality of biofilms removal is maintained.

Esmil Radial Sludge Scraper

Convenience of operation and maintenance:

  • Thanks to the lightweight design, energy consumption is significantly reduced;
  • In addition to the peripheral electric drive, we also offer a central drive, which allows if the necessary option of covering the settling tanks;
  • The special design of the scrapers allows moving the sediment evenly into the central pit without stirring. At the same time, the scrapers do not wear out and do not erase the concrete bottom of the tank;
  • The scraper collects floating substances from the center to the periphery, and then the mechanism of the receiving hopper automatically removes them from the settling tank.
  • Operation in the winter. Esmil sludge scrapers are equipped with peripheral drive slip protection devices in the form of electric wheels with a planetary gearbox, brush cleaners and scrapers for cleaning the track.
  • One of the important components is the inclusion of all-wheel drive on both wheels of the trolley.

Long operation life of Esmil’s Sludge Scrapers

  • High corrosion resistance: sludge scrapers are made of AISI 304 stainless steel with the use of polymer materials. A combined version of AISI 304 steel and aluminium alloys is possible.
  • Due to the reduced weight of the structure, the load on the system parts is significantly reduced. As a result, the operational life is significantly increased.
  • The control system of the complex provides adjustment of the scraper’s movement speed, the sediment collection rate, cleaning the side and trays, lighting of the bridge platform and protecting all major devices from overloads.

Optional equipment

  • Sludge scrapers can be equipped with a frequency converter, which allows adjusting the movement speed in a wide range. This, in turn increases the life of the equipment.
  • Production of a receiving hopper of various designs on customer’s request.
  • Production of purified water collection trays, stainless steel ridged overflows, support columns and flow reflectors.
  • Equipping sludge scrapers with electric cleaners for the side track of the settling tank, mechanical cleaning devices for the tray edges, mechanisms for collecting and removing floating substances from the surface of the settling tank.
  • Integration of equipment into a top-level automation system (SCADA).

Technical characteristics of Esmil Radial Scraper

Diameter of sedimentation tanksfrom 6 to 60 m
Depth of sedimentation tanksup to 10 m
Standard bridge width1000 mm
Standard rotation speed1-2 rpm
Scrapers typesegmented or logarithmic
Wheel materialrubber/polyurethane
Drivesingle wheel/both wheels
Gear reducerplanetary/worm

Is it possible to adjust the removal time of the floating substances?

Yes, it is. This feature is provided as standard equipment. The adjustment is carried out with help of the pressure crank of the hopper valve, which removes the contaminants outside the settling tank. This procedure can be carried out either for each revolution of the scraper in the settling tank or for a certain number of revolutions at the discretion of the operation. This procedure allows for removing floating substances as efficiently as possible without additional water drainage.

What is the maintenance frequency of Sludge Scrapers?

  • Lubrication of bearing assemblies – once per 3 months.
  • Oil change in drives - once per 2 years.
  • Replacement of rubber wheels - once per 4 years.
  • Replacement of polyurethane wheels – once per 6-8 years.
  • Current collector maintenance - once per season (before winter and summer operation).
  • Edge cleaner brush – once per 3 years, track brush – once per 2 years.

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