Screw compacting press


Multifunctional and reliable equipment for screening washing, compacting and transportation after screens.

Screw compacting press SCP is a multifunctional and reliable equipment for screening washing, compacting and transportation after screens.

Application of Screw Compacting Press:

  • A component of mechanical wastewater treatment equipment.
  • Wastewater treatment plants, pumping stations.
  • Food, meat processing, chemical and other industries.

Key advantages of Esmil Screw Compacting Press:

  • various modes of operation;
  • high-strength, wear-resistant construction and ability to operate under high mechanical loads;
  • easy access for inspection;
  • minimal need for maintenance.

Esmil Screw Compacting Press

Features and advantages of Esmil Screw Compacting Press:

  • Enclosed design with easy access to operating mechanisms.
  • Installation and synchronization with existing equipment.
  • Different diameters screws, depending on the amount and content of screenings: 120 mm, 200 mm, 300 mm.
  • The perforation of the casing is made taking into account the optimal arrangement of the holes for draining the filtrate and wash water.
  • Possibility of reverse movement to eliminate possible jamming.
  • Use of high-strength steel inserts are installed in the housing to protect it from abrasion caused by the screw.
  • The manufacture of screws using a special technology of stretching and forming, which allows precisely maintain a variable pitch in the compacting zone and a constant pitch in the transportation zone.
  • High-precision turning edge processing ensures precise work and stationary movement of the screw.
  • Various types of washing depending on the Customer’s needs: washing of the housing in the compacting zone and in the screenings loading zone, organic matter washing out of screenings.
  • On Customer demand, the press may be equipped with an additional washing system of screenings in the screening loading zone.
  • In case when building area does not allow direct compacted screenings discharge to the container, a discharge pipe can be designed up to 5 m long.
  • For such cases, the discharge pipe can be installed at an angle of 10° to 90° to the horizontal plane and rotated 90° relative to the housing.
  • On demand, the press can be installed on telescopic supports.
  • Possibility for outdoor installation design.

Esmil Screw Compacting Press with washing function

Convenience of operation and maintenance of Esmil Screw Press

  • The press does not require constant maintenance.
  • Simple installation and operation: the presses are equipped with removable covers for maintenance.
  • Presses can be hermetically sealed with other equipment.

Long service life of Esmil Screw Compacting Press

  • The compacting press is corrosion-resistant: the housing is made of AISI 304 or AISI 316 stainless steel.
  • The screws of Esmil presses are made of high-quality steel that ensures high strength and resistance to abrasion. The standard thickness of the screw spiral is 8-10 mm.
  • Additional anti-corrosion treatment: etching and passivation with special agents.
  • Electrical overload and surge protection.

Specification of Esmil Screw Compacting Press

Productivityup to 2-3 m³/h
Screw diameter120 mm, 200 mm, 300 mm
Wash water pressure0,3... 0,5 MPa
Wash water capacity40 liters per cycle
Electric driveNORD
ingress protection – IP55;
power – up to 4 kW;
output speed – 11-21 rpm;

How effective is the screening compacting system?

Many years of experience using Esmil screw compacting presses have shown that the volume of screenings after compacting and transportation reduces on average 6-7 times.

Is it possible to temporary shutdowns the Esmil Screw Compacting Press in case of certain technical problems of the complex?

Yes, the screw compacting press can operate both in continuous and periodic modes as a part of the technological line of a treatment facility.

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