Esmil Multi-Disc Screw Press MDQ

On June 2020 a new mechanical dewatering complex was launched at the municipal WWTP in Bridge-City, Texas. The goal was to achieve the highest dry solids content of aerobically digested sludge and replace outdated drying beds technology. This makes the sludge disposal process much faster, more efficient and matching sustainable development requirements.

ESMIL MDQ technology had been chosen because of the minimum labour force required, mechanical equipment reliability and low consumption of energy, polymer and wash-water.

The complex is based on the ESMIL Multi-Disc Screw Press dehydrator MDQ-354(2)CL, cake screw conveyors, sludge pumps and a polymer feeder.

The capacity of the complex is 9,1 m3/h (40gpm) @ 3.5% of dry solids, cake dry solids contents is 23% which is equal to 317,5 kgDS/h (700lbDS/h).

‼️The special feature of the dewatering unit is spare room for the addition of two dewatering drums – the machines’ capacity can be doubled with low extra-costs and can achieve 18,2 m3/h (80gpm) and 635 kgDS/h (1400lbDS/h).

The project was implemented in close collaboration with our good partner ETT LLC. Thank You, Team!

ekoton multi-disc screw press mdq

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