pol eco systems zloty medal 2016

ESMIL Prodeko-Ełk company returned from POL-ECO-SYSTEM exhibition in Poznań awarded with a  Gold Medal for the best product.

POL-ECO-SYSTEM (International Trade Fair for Sustainable Development and Municipal Services Technologies and Products) is an event which focuses international business associated with environmental protection.

It opens possibilities for resolving issues related to sustainable development, exchange of international experience and inspiration of the national sector to develop. It is an opportunity to present products or establish business contacts. Invitation to the trade fair is given to local authorities, disposers of funds, municipal management companies or scientific research universities.

pol eco system poznan 2016

During the trade fair, ESMIL Prodeko-Ełk company presented APKV tube aerators. These diffusers are intended to uniform air distribution, supplied by a blower or compressor, as well as the mixing of treated liquid. Aeration systems are used at different stages of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment.

Results of studies carried out by the Polish Research Institute confirm that polyethylene tube diffusers are characterized by one of the highest SOTE parameters and relatively low headloss in comparison to other diffusers available in the market.

ESMIL scientific-industrial group has produced tube diffusers since 1995. Over 20 years of work the company delivered more than 700,000 linear meters of aerators and continues to increase. ESMIL’s diffusers successfully operate on WWTP in such countries as Poland, Israel, China, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldavia, Kazakhstan and Russia. The Diffusers have a competitive price compared to other products of this kind.

ekoton tube air diffusers

Advantages of tubular aerators ESMIL :

  • Do not require cleaning and flushing. Porous polyethylene layer provides a durable operation of the aeration system without the need of maintenance.
  • Effective oxygen transfer and sludge mixing. ESMIL aerators generate bubbles with a diameter of 2-3 mm. This bubble size is optimal for both oxygenation and sludge mixing.
  • Uniform air distribution throughout the aeration tank. Due to the internal perforated pipe and air gap in the design of aerator, ESMIL tube diffusers provide uniform air distribution over the whole area of the aeration tank.
  • Additional resistance to pressure drops, hydraulic, mechanical and other impacts is provided due to the special design of the aerators.
  • ESMIL aeration system is easily assembled. System elements are quickly assembled by threaded joints. Aerators are fastened to the bottom with the fastening step of 2 m.
  • Low capital costs. The airflow rate fed to ESMIL tubular aerators can be 2-2,5 times higher compared to membrane diffusers. This allows to reduce the number of required aeration elements.
  • Minor operational costs relative to other diffusers due to low headloss.
  • ESMIL aerators are resistant to a wide range of aggressive environments and temperatures due to the use of polymeric materials in their design.

pol eco system poznan 2016

A second part of Gold Medal competition – consumers voting, is currently underway. We need your support! One person can vote for the product maximum of once a day. The voting lasts from 14th November.

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