Nord Drives for Esmil equipment

We carefully select the best components for ESMIl equipment. Among our regular partners – the German company @Nord Drive System, one of the world leaders in the drive industry, with whom we have been cooperating for over 15 years.

Well-chosen drives ensure the reliability of the wastewater treatment equipment. It is related to the efficiency of treatment and savings in electricity consumption, which is a very important factor for sewage treatment plants.

Nord Drives for Esmil equipment

Nord drives are energy-saving and very efficient devices that have many advantages, including:

  • High energy efficiency class. NORD motors meet the requirements of modern international energy consumption regulations from IE3 to IE5+. For the highest classes, own production special drives are used.
  • Accuracy and reliability. Nord reducers use precise gears and bearings made of durable materials. The reducers are characterized by unparalleled reliability, long life and low noise levels.
  • Easy-to-use. Drives require no complicated operation and maintenance, reduce downtime and increase equipment reliability overall. They have a long interval of periodic maintenance.
  • Multi-layer paint coating provides increased protection against corrosion. As well as other adaptations to the conditions of the wastewater treatment plant – hermetic terminal box, protected fan, stainless steel output shaft.
  • The use of cylindrical and hypoid gears ensures high mechanical efficiency (92%) and the maximum possible output torque.

Long-term cooperation contributes to an effective partnership. Different departments in both companies work closely together to provide our customers with the best solutions. Engineers work together to select the best drives that will meet the customer’s expectations, logistics departments fill the supply of drives for customers both in the European Union and in the United States at record terms. We also have common quality control procedures that take place both in the manufacturer’s plant and in our production hall, and a perfectly developed warranty and post-warranty service scheme.

In the photos you can see the assembly process of Nord drives on the MDQ Esmil Tsurumi multi-disc screw press.

Nord Drives for Esmil equipment

Nord Drives for Esmil equipment

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