Esmil Multi-Disc Screw Press MDQ

We are ready to announce that Esmil USA, together with our local representative Envirotect, has installed one of the largest machines in the model range – MDQ-353 C.

The installation took place at the wastewater treatment plant of one of the leading cheese manufacturers in Ohio State. EsmilUSA professionals have developed a technological solution to sludge utilization based on a multi-disc screw press dehydrator which allows to reduce the customers’ operating costs for sludge utilization.

Prior to the equipment installation, Esmil has made full-scale pilot tests of the excess sludge dewatering process with the MDQ-201 dehydrator. As the results have proved to be very successful Esmil offered an MDQ 353 C dewatering unit with the platform. Another important factor for choosing ESMIL Industrial Group as a supplier of equipment for this project was also the optimal combination of operating costs (flocculant consumption, spare parts, energy consumption, labour, etc.), capital costs as well as the provided guarantees.

During December 2018, Esmil has delivered the MDQ-353 C Multi-disc Screw Press on-site. In addition to a challenging installation location, the contractor has made a custom floor, pipelines and wiring. We took responsibility for the provided technological solution and its implementation in turnkey conditions.

Sugarcreek Project Data

Type Of SludgeExcess activated sludge
Unit Sludge Supply50 gpm, 500 lbDS/h
Operation Time8 h/d
Feed Sludge DS Concentration2%
Cake DS Concentration16%
Average Polymer Dose22lb/ton DS

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