Mechanical Treatment Unit M-Comby

At the ESMIL plant in Poland, the assembly of the compact mechanical treatment unit M-Comby has been completed. This equipment will be installed at Baisogala in Lithuania, where a new wastewater treatment plant is currently under construction. The subcontractor was our partner UAB “Augustir Ko”.

The mechanical treatment unit M-Combi is an ideal solution for treatment facilities of small and medium capacity. The following functions are combined in one compact installation:

  • fine screen,
  • sand trap tank with covers,
  • aeration system,
  • screw for removing sand from the bottom of the tank,
  • inclined screw conveyor for unloading sand,
  • scraper mechanism for collecting floating substances.

The equipment is made of high-quality and corrosion-resistant materials (tank – AISI 316L, screw – wear-resistant carbon steel), and the installation capacity is 100 m3/h.

The main feature of this type of equipment is the use of a lower drive on the fine screen RVO. Due to this, the debris moves freely towards the free end of the screw and it is possible to avoid winding rags on the screw and jamming the screen.