Esmil Multi-Disc Screw Press MDQ

The event took place on November 26, 2020 at the premises of the Water Treatment Service Municipal Unitary Enterprise in Podolsk. During the meeting, topical issues of sludge treatment and recycling were considered, and the practice of dewatering and disposal of effluents from sewage treatment facilities in the Moscow region was presented. Also the participants of the event visited the existing sludge treatment facilities of Podolsk Water Treatment Service.

As part of the event, ESMIL Group presented a demonstration multi-disc screw press MDQ-450, which is being tested at Podolsk Water Treatment Service. Since 2011, ESMIL has been manufacturing such equipment using the unique Japanese technology by the innovative company Tsurumi Pump. Multi-disc screw presses (dehydrators) are a modern energy-saving solution for dewatering, which reduces the volume of sludge by 10-15 times on average. Esmil Tsurumi dehydrators have established themselves as highly efficient equipment, with minimal energy consumption and low operating costs. Due to the high automation level, dehydrators are very easy to maintain and require minimal attention from maintenance personnel. All these advantages are well known to those skilled in the art, with a new dimension range of dehydrators allowing to use the equipment not only at small and medium-sized treatment facilities but also at water treatment services in cities with a population of over one million.

During the tests, the dehydrator showed a capacity of 500 kg of dry sludge per hour, with a moisture content of the resulting cake of 74-80% on a mixture of municipal sewage sludge (wet sludge and surplus activated sludge). The flocculant dose was relatively low, within 3.5 kg of concentrate per ton of sludge dry matter. The sludge was fed to the dehydrator with large inclusions (debris) without preliminary grinding, and the equipment successfully coped with the task. It should be pointed out that the capacity of 500 kg of dry sludge per hour was achieved on a demonstration dehydrator with one screw, while an actual operating dehydrator can be equipped with 6 dehydrating drums, therefore, reaching a capacity of 3000 kg of dry sludge per hour!

Such a technical solution aroused interest and appreciation from the participants of the event, and experts and the Russian Water Supply and Sanitation Association initiated the creation of a national standard in the field of sewage sludge treatment. According to Georgiy Sambursky, Deputy Executive Director of Russian Water Supply and Sanitation Association and Chairman of the Technical Committee of Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology TK 343 “Water Quality”, this document will propose unified approaches to sludge treatment technologies based on the intended purpose of the obtained product. The first edition of the draft standard is planned to be submitted by February 2021.

We would like to remind that Podolsk Water Treatment Service Municipal Unitary Enterprise has been successfully operating a mobile sludge dewatering unit based on the multi-disc screw dehydrator MDQ-201C for several years.