ekoton prodeko elk production plant grand opening

On Friday, June, 13 there was the opening of PRODEKO EŁK new production workshop. So that’s why the company will be able to work in two shifts. There were traditional attributes on the holiday: ceremonial cutting of the red ribbon, glass of champagne and discuss of future plans.

The PRODEKO EŁK company produces equipment for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment. The company has a great history, but the new life of the firm has begun on June 12, 2011, when Petr Trunov became its owner. Since then, much has changed. The production department now is heated, improved social and working conditions for employees. In June 2013 PRODEKO EŁK has joined the Special Economic Zone in Suwalki and over the years have been realized an investment of 6,000,000 PLN. Among the most important new acquisitions are: Abrasive gidrorez of American manufacturer FLOW and an automatic welding robot. The last investment was the building of a new workshop with a total area of 2500 sq.m.

– We plan to purchase new equipment and increase sales. – says Petr Trunov, PRODEKO EŁK owner. – Now 69 employees are working at the plant and eventually it should be 100. Today we introduce a second shift. We produce cutting-edge equipment according to the latest developments. This year we received more than 20 patents for our products and look to the future with optimism.

– So there is no crisis?

– Everything exists only in the head. Thoughts are material and what you think happens is happening, – says Petr Trunov, who works in the business since 26 years. – If you are going to think about the bad every day, it is the bad that will happen with you.

Petr Trunov has two more factories in Russia and Ukraine.

– Until two years ago all the products were sold to Russia, now the Poland plant sell in Russia only 30% of production, – says Petr Trunov.- The rest is sold to Europe, Ukraine, Israel, Kazakhstan, China. This year we will be at the exhibition in New Orleans and want enter to the U.S. market.
Petr Trunov began working in the Soviet Union, but now feels like a resident of Europe. He basically lives in Kharkiv (Ukraine), but often visits Moscow, Germany, Elk, which he likes.

– A beautiful city that developing in the right direction. Every day we can see changes – says Mr. Trunov. – We cooperate with local authorities. We thought about other cities, but eventually chose Elk. I want to thank all the staff and the God who gives us the opportunity of developing in Poland. This is our first workshop, but not the last.

The red ribbon was cut by Petr Trunov, Agnieszka Stanislavchuk (contractor) and Artur Urbanski (Elk Vice President). Later he made a tour of the plant, which was held by Gennady Baklanov, PRODEKO EŁK company director.

– Soon we will be a leader in our branch of Polish companies – says Gennady Baklanov. – We plan to build a new office building. Works will begin in June and over the year should be in place a new object. We also have the opportunity to finish the workshop. We want to work more and more. There are a lot of undeveloped areas and who knows how the firm will be developed. We invite you to PRODEKO EŁK with an order or just for a cup of coffee – Director summed up with the smile.

ekoton prodeko elk production plant grand opening

Guests wished the firm a lot of success. The meeting ended with a small banquet.

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