multi-disk screw press dehydrator ekoton tsurumi

At the end of November the EKOTON plant received a delegation from Japanese company TSURUMI PUMP. Long term partnership and a range of successful joint products connects our companies.

Collaboration between the EKOTON Industrial Group and the Japanese production company TSURUMI PUMP lasts almost 4 years. A range of joint products, which are popular on the market of wastewater treatment equipment, were produced during this period of time. Thus two years ago Russian-Japanese screw dehydrator MDQ EKOTON TSURUMI PUMP got the GRAND-PRIX on the XXI International machine and equipment for the water supply and sewage systems trade-fair WOD-KAN 2013 in Poland, and THE small rake type screen RMKE is popular among the Water Supply and Waste Water Treatment Plants, as well as among the representatives of industrial enterprises which need the fine screening.

ekoton local wwtp

Modular treatment facilities. Mechanical treatment – small rake type screen RMKE (in the foreground), sludge dewatering –screw dehydrator MDQ EKOTON TSUSUMI (in the background)

TSURUMI representatives visited the PRODEKO-EŁK production plant, which is a part of EKOTON Industrial Group. Within the scope of the tour our guests have seen the new production unit that was opened half a year ago, – here all the range of EKOTON equipment is assembled. This unit is provided with modern machinery that lets us reach qualitative working of metal, which is used for EKOTON equipment production.

Representatives of Japanese delegation have visited plants, where co-produced equipment is working: Elk (Poland) and Sechen (Hungary) treatment facilities, where mounting of the biggest dehydrator MDQ-353 was finished recently. TSURUMI PUMP representatives have met with the heads of Water Supply and Waste Water Treatment Plants as well as with representatives of local authorities, which highly evaluated the work of EKOTON equipment.

multi-disk screw press dehydrator ekoton tsurumi

TSURUMI PUMP representatives have presented experimentally tested in Japan multidisc dehydrator JD – absolutely new development for the European market. The advantage of such a dehydrator is that it is not subjected to clog with fibrous or large inclusions of the sludge; self-cleaning effect of the filtering pores allows dewatering of the sludge with a high content of grease and oils. JD dehydrator is easy to operate, can be successfully on-stream more than 5 years without changing of the main units and without difficult maintenance support. Undeniable peculiarity of the JD dehydrator is also the feature of effective dewatering for sludge which has a wide range of concentrations by DS and organic compounds.