Back Raked Screen


Equipment for a wide range of applications with high reliability and performance

ESMIL Back Raked Screen with reverse rake rods is equipment for a wide range of applications with high reliability and performance.

Scope of application of Back Raked Screens:

  • Wastewater pumping stations;
  • Wastewater treatment plants;
  • Water intakes;
  • Melioration pumping stations.

Features and Advantages of Esmil Back Raked Screens:

  • An important feature of the back-raked screen is its design. The rake mechanism is located behind the bars and comes into contact with already purified water. This greatly reduces the likelihood of fouling by dirt or jamming by large objects.
  • The design of the filtration area is a set of separate bars bent in the upper part towards the waste discharge and fixed only in the lower part of the screen. Such construction eliminates the risk of jamming the rakes even when fibrous contaminants are found in wastewater.
  • The round profile of the bars reduces hydraulic resistance in comparison with the rectangular one and provides high throughput of the screen.
  • The bars are installed over the entire length of the screen — from the bottom of the channel to the discharge. This improves the removal of screenings from the filtration area more thoroughly.
  • The rakes are installed with a gap of 500 mm, which allows to remove wastes from the screen more effectively. This is especially important during periods of peak water and waste inputs.
  • The screen control system can be automated in various modes, including control by operating time, water level before the screen, water level difference in the channel before and after the screen, etc.
  • The screen drive: high-reliability worm gear motor by one of the world-leading companies NORD Drive Systems.
  • There are no components and mechanisms in the structure of the back-raked screen that requires constant maintenance.
  • The back-raked screen is highly abrasive (sand) resistant.
  • ESMIL back raked screen is equipped with a mechanical overload protection device, which adjusts the trigger by the spring force.

Ekoton Back Raked Screen

Convenience of operation and maintenance of Esmil Back Raked Screens:

  • The screens are easy to maintain thanks to the availability of the main components during operation.
  • Rotating mechanism of the screen allows its maintenance without dismantling from the channel.
  • Simplicity of design facilitates assembly and installation of equipment.
  • Screens do not require constant maintenance.
  • There is no need for maintenance of the underwater part of the screen.

Durability of Esmil Back Raked Screens:

  • High rust resistance: back raked screens are made of AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Anti-corrosive treatment: tank immersion pickling and passivation by special means.
  • There are no rotating parts underwater. The rakes have support platforms with plastic washers that slide along the screen guides.
  • Maintenance and replacement of all necessary elements can be carried out in the upper part of the screen.
  • Electrical protection against overload and power surges.
  • Mechanical protection: trigger adjustment by a spring force.

Technical characteristics of Back Raked Screens

Channel width, mm600 - 2100
Channel depth, mm600 - 6000
Angle of inclination of the screen to the horizon, deg.70 - 80
Gap width, mm1 - 60
Chain pitch, mm22 - 100
Rakes number, pcs.4 - 80
Motor actuator:
- Ingress protection rating
- Power, kW

IP 55
0,12 - 1,5
3 phases, 380 V, 50 Hz

Is it possible to install the Esmil Back Raked Screen outdoors?

Yes, it is. The screen is equipped with a hermetically sealed insulating casing with electric heating, which is switched on during the cold season. The channel must be closed; the continuous movement of the rakes may be required.

Is it possible to combine the Back Raked Screen with the already installed conveyor equipment and the automation system of treatment facilities?

Yes, it is. The screen can be integrated into existing complex of wastewater treatment facilities. To synchronize the automation system, additional devices can be provided and the necessary signals and communication protocols can be configured.

How often does the Bar Raked Screen require maintenance? Which parts do wear out quickly?

Despite the perfectly elaborated principle of operation, the bar screen, like all equipment, requires regular cleaning (at least weekly), washing (at least monthly) and lubrication of bearing assemblies (every 3 months) to ensure reliable operation and long service life. Mostly, elements that wear out are traction chains and plastic sliding washers on the rakes. Their lifetime expectancy is 7000-14000 hours.

Are there solutions to ensure installation of Esmil Back Raked Screen in confined spaces (small rooms)?

If necessary, the screen can be designed collapsible for bringing it into the room and mounting in site.

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