Catenary Screen


A reliable solution for mechanical cleaning at sewage treatment plants, pumping stations and water-intake facilities.

Esmil Catenary Screen is a reliable solution for mechanical cleaning at sewage treatment plants, pumping stations and water-intake facilities. The screens protect the equipment in the many different stages of wastewater treatment by removing the large objects and other items that can cause deterioration of the equipment or cause accidents. It even handles large debris in large waste streams.

Scope of application of Catenary Screen

  • Sewage pumping stations
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Water-intake stations

Features and benefits of Esmil Catenary Screens

  • A distinct feature of the catenary screen is its special design, i.e. the “support chain”. This innovative solution allows the chain with only one fixed axis of rotation to work both as a load-bearing and supporting structure for the rakes.
  • The “support chain” design lets avoiding jamming the entire mechanism, which can adapt to the dimensions of the large waste that shall be removed.
  • The lamellar chain of the catenary screen significantly exceeds other chains traditionally used in rake screens in terms of reliability and safety margin.
  • The web is made of a drop-shaped profile or a reinforced rectangular profile of stainless steel.
  • The use of a drop-shaped profile is due to its high hydrodynamic characteristics: this ensures a high throughput of the screen even with small spacing.
  • The control system of the catenary screen is automated by time or by the level of drains in the channel.
  • The screen drive: high-reliability worm gear motor from one of the world leaders, NORD Drive Systems.
  • Engineering solutions used in the design of the catenary screen do not require complex operations for its maintenance or replacement of operational elements.
  • The screen does not stop when large amounts of debris enter it.
  • ESMIL catenary screens are equipped with a control system that operates in various modes. Due to the possibility of adjustment by level or by time, the rakes can clean the web more intensively.
  • The catenary screen is equipped with a mechanical overload protection device. Thermal protection of the drive is provided as the second stage of protection.

Esmil Catenary Screen

Convenience of operation and maintenance of Esmil Catenary Screens

  • the screens are easy to maintain due to the accessibility of the main components in operation.
  • simplicity of the design helps assemble and install the equipment without trouble.
  • the filtering web is designed to be easily removable.
  • the screens do not require constant maintenance.
  • scrapers have an increased tooth height, which allows for better removal of dirt from each lamella.

Durability of Esmil Catenary Screens

  • high corrosion resistance: the material of the blades consist of stainless steel, the chains have the option of stainless steel or cast iron
  • only corrosion-resistant components are in contact with water.
  • the screen does not have a lower sprocket nor bearings submerged under water, which can often wear out and fail.

Standard technical characteristics of Catenary Bar Screen

Name of parameterThe value of the parameter
Channel width, mm500 - 3000
Channel depth, mm600 - 6000
Installation angle75–45°, 60° in a standard trim
Rakes- Tooth length 25-40 mm
- The distance between rake rods 500/1000 mm
Standard spacings, mm6, 8, 12, 16, 20 ...
Applicable mesh profiles- teardrop
- trapezoid
- rectangular
Overload protection- mechanical
- thermal