Drum Screen outside-in


Drum Screens outside-in are widely used in the food industry for wastewater with a high content of fine fibers, feathers, wool and fat.

Drum Screen outside-in is a reliable piece of equipment for the mechanical treatment of industrial and domestic wastewater. This type of screen is designed for the fine treatment of wastewater for small and medium-sized wastewater treatment facilities. Drum Screen is widely used in the food industry for wastewater with a high content of fine fibers, feathers, wool and fat.

Area of application of Drum Screens:

  • Wastewater treatment for the food and processing industry
  • Wastewater treatment with a high content of fats and oils
  • Industrial and domestic wastewater treatment plants

Esmil Drum Screens are the best solution for wastewater treatment with fat content.

  • Effective fine treatment, reliability and high throughput make Esmil Drum Screens a leader in their class.
  • The manufactured triangular profile used for the filter drum of the screen allows the efficient removal of impurities from wastewater, even in the presence of oils and fats.
  • The screens are characterized by low consumption of flushing water and electricity due to their simple design.

Technological features and advantages of Esmil Drum Screens:

  • Simplicity and reliability of equipment at a relatively low price;
  • The compact design of the screen combined with high throughput makes it possible to organize effective mechanical cleaning within a small area, which is extremely important when using container-type block treatment facilities;
  • The special design of the screen filtering mesh made of a triangular profile allows for the efficient extraction of specific fine contaminants with particles of 0.25 mm or larger from wastewater;
  • Cleaning the surface of the filter drum is carried out with a brass knife, which tightly adheres to the screen cloth. Due to this, effective removal of the waste trapped on the surface of the drum is achieved.
  • The presence of flushing nozzles installed inside the drum provides an even more thorough cleaning of the drum cloth and guarantees trouble-free operation of the screen even when cleaning wastewater with a high content of fats and oils.
  • Advanced automation: equipped with various operating modes ensures equipment synchronization.
  • The presence of an overflow in the screen design allows avoiding an emergency overflow in emergencies.
  • Low power consumption.

Esmil Drum Screen Outside-in

Ease of operation and maintenance of Esmil Drum Screens:

  • The screens are easy to maintain thanks to the availability of the main components in operating condition.
  • Simplicity of design facilitates equipment installation
  • The screen does not require constant maintenance.
  • The work of the screen is fully automated and eliminates the need for the constant presence of maintenance personnel.

Reliability and durability of Esmil Drum Screens:

  • Increased equipment reliability due to a simple design without complex assemblies and mechanisms.
  • The design of the filtering mesh of the screen has increased mechanical strength to provide protection from damage.
  • Corrosion resistance in wastewater: casing, drum, and the lining of the screen are made of stainless steel.
  • During manufacturing, all stainless-steel parts of the screen are passivated, which increases the service life in an aggressive environment.
  • The drum sides are made of wear-resistant polyamide.
  • Materials that are extremely resistant to corrosion are only in contact with water.
  • Electrical protection against overload and power surges.

Advanced options:

  • Screens can be made of steel AISI 316, 321
  • Screens can be equipped with a perforated drum.
  • Screens can be equipped with compacting presses for compacting and packing the extracted waste.
  • We can develop an individual solution for you for integrating the supplied equipment into a single complex.

Rest assured that we will prepare the most optimal equipment for solving your tasks.

Technical characteristics of Drum Screen outside-in

Throughput, m3/h35 - 380
Clearance, mm0,25 - 3
Width, mm300 - 2400
Weight (calculated), kg60 - 940
Water consumption for flushing at 3 bar, l/min8 - 64
Motor actuator:
Ingress protection rating
Power, kW
0.25 – 0.75
3 phases, 380 V, 50 Hz

Is it possible to use treated wastewater for washing the filter cloth of the screen?

Yes, that is possible. To clean the screen cloth, technical quality water can be used that does not contain corrosive substances that may clog the valve or nozzles.

Is it possible to equip the Esmil Drum Screen with a press for waste compaction?

Yes, the ESMIL Drum Screen can be supplied complete with a compacting press. Additionally, at the request of the customer, it is possible to make a configuration with a sealed casing for connecting the screen and the compacting press.

Is rough treatment necessary before the Esmil Drum Screen? What size of waste particles can be taken away with it?

Heavy coarse objects settle in the basin of the screen, more buoyant large particles cannot harm the screen, since they approach the drum from the outside and cannot block anything. However, we recommend filtering of the effluent to get rid of the particles larger than ¼ of the diameter of the drum screen inlet pipe.

Is it possible to supply a drum screen with a perforated cloth?

Yes, it is possible. The screen can be equipped with a perforated sieve with a gap of 2 mm or larger.