Rotary Drum Screen


The best solution for the fine treatment of industrial and domestic wastewater

Esmil Rotary Drum Screen is the best solution for the fine treatment of industrial and domestic wastewater.

The drum screen is one of the most demanded types of equipment for the mechanical treatment of industrial and domestic wastewater. The high efficiency of the screen is based on the principle of its operation, which makes it possible to remove even complex fibrous impurities such as wool and hair from drains. The closed design and high capacity of the screen in a compact enclosure make it an indispensable solution for small and medium-capacity wastewater treatment plants. Low energy and flushing water consumption is another reason why this type of screen is so often found in modern energy-efficient wastewater treatment plants.

Area of application of Rotary Drum Screens:

  • Wastewater treatment for the food and processing industry.
  • Treatment of wastewater with a high content of solids including fiber, wool, feathers, and films.
  • Industrial and domestic wastewater treatment plants.

Esmil Rotary Drum Screen is an ideal solution for fine wastewater treatment.

Effective fine treatment, reliability and high throughput make Rotary Drum Screens a leader in their class.

The perforated sieve or woven mesh used to manufacture the filter cloth allows efficient removal of impurities from drains. The screens are characterized by low consumption of flushing water and electricity due to the use of energy-efficient components and a well-thought-out control system.

Design advantages of Esmil Rotary Drum Screens:

  • Fine mechanical wastewater treatment with the ability to catch even such specific – contaminants such as feathers, fluff, wool, hair, films, seed coats due to the use of slotted perforated fabric or woven mesh;
  • The use of woven mesh with a cell of 0.5-1 mm allows for the effective extraction of specific fine particle contaminants from wastewater, which is especially important for the subsequent biological wastewater treatment using MBR technology;
  • The reliability of the equipment is ensured by the applied design solutions: direct drive of the drum, support rollers of the drum on rolling bearings, and most of the bearings are located outside the housing, closed housing, etc.
  • Cleaning of the screen filter cloth surface is carried out by a mechanical brush installed on the outer surface of the drum. Due to the use of the brush adjustment mechanism, its tight fit is achieved over the entire surface of the drum, which guarantees high-quality cleaning of the filtering surface.
  • The presence of the flushing nozzles installed outside the drum provides additional thorough cleaning of the filtering surface and guarantees trouble-free operation of the screen even when treating wastewater containing fat and oil;
  • The compact design of the screen combined with high throughput makes it possible to organize effective mechanical cleaning in a small area, which is extremely important when using container-type block treatment facilities;
  • The elongated flights of the spiral of the conveyor screw will cope even with a very large amount of debris extracted from the drain.
  • Advanced automation: various operating modes, frequency regulation of the drum, flow sensor, synchronization communication with other types of equipment; it is also possible to install remote control units;
  • The presence of an overflow in the screen design allows avoiding an emergency overflow in emergencies.
  • Low consumption of electricity and flushing water.
  • Wide range of additional options.
  • The fully enclosed screen design prevents the spread of unpleasant odors and dangerous gases.

Esmil Rotary Drum Screen

Ease of operation and maintenance of Esmil Rotary Drum Screens:

  • The screens are easy to maintain thanks to the accessibility of the main components in operating condition.
  • Simplicity of design facilitates the installation and start-up of equipment.
  • The screen does not require constant maintenance.
  • The work of the screen is fully automated and eliminates the need for the constant presence of maintenance personnel.

Reliability and durability of Esmil Rotary Drum Screens:

  • The time-tested design of the screen combined with high-quality components is a guarantee of high reliability and durability;
  • During manufacturing, all stainless steel parts of the screen undergo a passivation stage, which increases the service life in an aggressive environment;
  • Corrosion resistance in wastewater: casing, drum, the lining of the screen are made of stainless steel;
  • Materials that are extremely resistant to corrosion are only in contact with water;
  • Electrical protection against overload and power surges.

Additional options:

  • Screens can be made of steel AISI 316, 321
  • The screens can be completed with a filter cloth made of perforated cloth or metal mesh
  • The screen can be additionally equipped with a compacting press to reduce the volume and weight of the extracted waste.
  • We can develop an individual solution for you for integrating the supplied equipment into a single complex.

Rest assured that we will prepare the most optimal equipment for solving your tasks!

Technical characteristics of Rotary Drum Screens

Throughput, m3/h105 - 900
Clearance, mm0, 25 - 10
Drum diameter, mm450 - 1000
Drum length, mm1000 - 3000
Width, mm300 - 1200
Unit weight, kg450 - 1580
Flush water consumption, l/min8 - 64
Flushing water pressure, bar4 - 5
Motor actuator:
Ingress protection rating
Power, kW
0,37 - 1,1
3 phases, 380 V, 50 Hz

Can Esmil Rotary Drum Screens be used for the treatment of wastewater from pig farms?

Yes, they can. Drum screens are one of the few types of equipment that has proven itself well when working with this type of wastewater. The screens are equipped with a special filtering cloth for efficient and reliable treatment of wastewater from livestock breeding complexes.

Why are Rotary Drum Screens more expensive than other Drum Screens, which are designed for similar purposes?

Rotary Drum Screens are intended for use in more complicated cases than Drum Screens outside-in and Drum Screen Brush, i.e. in situations when fat adhesion occurs, the requirement of fine mesh screening , as well as in the presence of fiber , membranous and woven inclusions. Of all the drum screens, it is the rotary drum screens that are most structurally complex and advanced. Their features are the presence of a flushing unit, a brush mechanism, adjustable drum speed, and replaceable screens, etc.

Is it possible to install Rotary Drum Screens outdoors?

It is possible for regions with a temperate climate. In this case, the screen will be equipped with a sealed insulating casing with electric heating, which must work during the cold season. However, the customer must clearly understand the risks associated with the operation of such a solution.

Is it necessary to install equipment for squeezing waste from the rotary drum screen?

Waste from the screens always has significant water content. The waste volume is large, which poses danger of spills during transportation. Therefore, the installation of equipment for dewatering and compaction of waste is always recommended.

Is it necessary to install a rough treatment screen before the Rotary Drum Screen?

As a rule, rotary drum screens cope well with large contaminations. However, it is not recommended to treat effluents with particles larger than ¼ of the diameter of the inlet pipe.

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