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We are expanding our equipment implementation geography further and are proud that UNICEF has chosen ESMIL as a reliable partner for the replacement of the mechanical screens in the Al-Hamdan Waste Water Treatment Plant, Basra, Iraq (operational from 2005) as a part of the Rehabilitation of the Hamdan sewage project in Abu Al-Khasib District.

UNICEF is focused on the facility’s capacity recovery so that more sewage can be drawn from Basra city to the treatment plant rather than being discharged to the Shat Al Arab River. Since there are 7 water treatment plants located at the Shat al-Arab bay, it is believed and reported by Basra Health Directorate that the causative agent of infection in 110,000 individuals of the Basra population is by abdominal diseases. Rehabilitation of the Hamdan sewage plant will help to reduce of the sewage amount discharged directly to the river of Shat al Arab. Also, it is important to note that since 2014 the Al-Hamdan WWTP was not maintained as per the standard maintenance schedules and therefore a lot of the mechanical parts at the facility are faulty and need to be replaced.

On the 11th of December 2019 in Elk, a Contract between Esmil Industrial Group and Al-Adham Engineering Services Co. Ltd (Iraq) has been signed for the supply of two rake bar screens to Hamdan WWTP in May 2020.

Our team is very excited about entering the new market and hopes to meet all the expectations of our partners.

ekoton unicef contract

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