zagreb conference

On the 7-11th of May the ESMIL Company took a part in the 10th Eastern European Young Water Professionals conference which was organized by IWA and held on the basis of Faculty of Civil Engineering, Zagreb University.

IWA YWP Conference takes place annually. This year 190 participants from different countries not only of Europe, but also of Northern and Southern America, Asia and Africa have taken part with oral presentations and posters.

IWA YWP 2018 once again presented a phenomenal and exciting platform where different cultures with a variety of approaches to water management and wastewater treatment met. For this anniversary conference the focus was set on new technologies and their implementations.

The next topics and tendencies in water and wastewater technologies were raised:

  • Innovative sampling and monitoring strategies
  • New technologies in water/wastewater treatment
  • Overcoming inappropriate influent C:N:P ratios through cost-effective wastewater treatment technologies
  • Adaptation specialties of technologies successfully applied in other regions
  • Specialties of industrial wastewater treatment
  • Mathematical modelling, simulation studies
  • Issues and challenges in water loss management
  • Energy efficiency
  • Impacts of climate change
  • Lake ecosystems
  • Flood hazard and risk

To discuss in detail a variety of process solutions and the next workshops were held:

  • Water safety planning & crisis management
  • Modelling activated sludge plants
  • Design of wastewater treatment plants
  • Water technology

ESMIL representatives has improved their professional skills and established contacts with different universities and companies as well as with some research and engineering facilities looking forward to cooperate for innovative solutions in wastewater treatment technologies.