Esmil Multi Disc Screw Press Jamaica

Esmil MDQ Multi-Disc Screw Press Proves Its Worth at Kingston WWTP!

Successfully operating for over three years at the Kingston Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) in Jamaica, our MDQ multi-disc screw press is a standout solution for managing highly abrasive lagoon sludge with exceptional efficiency (25%). This revolutionary technology eliminates the need for highly qualified operators, ensuring seamless operation and minimal downtime.

Facing the challenge of managing a decade’s worth of sediment accumulation, the Kingston WWTP sought urgent measures to prevent potential ecological disasters. Collaborating with Israeli company ASHTROM Building System Ltd. and local authorities, we devised a solution to effectively handle abrasive sludge while minimizing maintenance requirements.

Esmil Multi Disc Screw Press Jamaica

The MDQ multi-disc screw press emerged as the perfect fit for the task, boasting high dewatering efficiency and skid-mounted design for seamless integration. Since installation, it has consistently delivered exceptional results, achieving impressive dewatering rates with minimal operator intervention.

Over the past three years, our MDQ dewatering screw press has revolutionized wastewater treatment in Jamaica, offering efficient solutions for managing complex sludge compositions. Our commitment to innovation and sustainability drives us forward as we continue to deliver reliable and cost-effective solutions for the wastewater treatment industry worldwide.

Esmil Multi Disc Screw Press Jamaica

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