RM Back Rake Screens

If you are seeking a solution that combines innovation with uncompromising durability for small wastewater systems, look no further than ESMIL RM Back Rake Screens. With a growing track record of hundreds of successful installations, these screens are not just robust – they are at the forefront of screening technology.

  • Innovative Design: ESMIL RM Rake Rake Screens are crafted using advanced engineering techniques that set them apart from conventional options. The innovative “Hairbrush” feature is a standout design element that prevents materials from sticking, ensuring the screens operate smoothly without interruptions, which is critical in maintaining consistent wastewater treatment processes.
  • Robust and Reliable: Built to withstand the demands of varied wastewater environments, these screens are known for their durability. Their increasing presence in the market underscores their ability to perform reliably under challenging conditions, time and again.
  • Readily Available: Immediate availability from stock is another innovative aspect of our service, contrasting sharply with the industry norm of long lead times for customized products. This readiness enhances the agility of wastewater operations, allowing for quick adaptation and minimal downtime.
  • Efficient Contaminant Removal: With precision-engineered bar gaps ranging from 1 mm to 5 mm, the screens effectively capture and remove debris, demonstrating not only their robustness but also their capability to adapt to different treatment needs.

RM Back Rake Screens

Why Choose ESMIL RM Back Rake Screens?

  • Pioneering Technology: Embrace the latest in screening technology with features designed to enhance operational efficiency.
  • Tested Durability: Proven robustness in hundreds of installations, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Instant Availability: Skip the wait with screens that are ready to ship, providing immediate improvements to your facilities.
  • Proven Success in the Market: Widely chosen for their innovative features and reliable performance in small-scale applications.

Enhance your wastewater treatment setup with ESMIL RM Rake Bar Screens, where innovative design meets robust construction and market-proven reliability. Contact us today to learn more about how our screens can transform your wastewater management systems.

RM Back Rake Screens

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