ekoton step screen

In November 2019, another two ESMIL devices were launched in Gołdap, Poland. The RSK-0918 grid and the PT-50S sand press washer were installed in the hall for mechanical sludge and waste treatment from the areas without a collective sewage system.

Wastewater with a high content of sand, excess sludge and the organic matter goes first onto the grid with 5 mm clearance, where solid waste is retained, and then to the sand press washer where the organic rinsing takes place. The treated sand pulp is then discharged to landfill and the pre-treated sewage goes to the sand separator of the municipal treatment plant.

ekoton equipment for mechanical treatment

The high efficiency of the initial sewage treatment by retaining hard contents and removing most of the organic elements conducts a trouble-free operation of the equipment during further stages of the technological process.

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