This time we have installed an aeration system at Yushu Municipal Waste Water Treatment Plant in Jilin province. The equipment has successfully worked for over four months now.

ESMIL’s Diffusers combine strong features of ceramic and membrane diffusers and at the same time avoid the disadvantages of the two mentioned types. The unique production technology of the porous layer allows ESMIL Diffusers to make fine bubble aeration with no risk of clogging during its lifetime. The diffuser is strong and durable, and there is no risk of the damage to the interior or exterior.

ekoton aeration system china

ESMIL Diffusers combine sufficient high SOTE, low head loss and very high durability. We proudly offer guarantees for our air diffuser systems. We already have 25 years of successful experience with fine bubble diffuser installation!

Do you need an efficient aeration system? Do not hesitate to contact our International Sales Department for details.

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