The Esmil Prodeko-Ełk production plant in Poland is getting ready to supply the equipment to wastewater treatment plants in four cities in Mongolia. A delegation from Mongolia visited our plant in Poland in December 2022. As a result of the visit, they decided to sign a contract for the supply of Esmil’s equipment to Mongolia.

As part of the contract, Esmil manufactured the following equipment:

  • 3 multi-disc screw presses MDQ-202 and MDQ-203;
  • aeration system based on Esmil Tube Air Diffusers;
  • 4 combined mechanical treatment modules M-Comby 200 and M-Comby 150;

Esmil’s equipment is well known worldwide as an efficient and reliable solution for wastewater treatment and sludge dewatering. Multi-disc screw presses MDQ Esmil Tsurumi are known as one of the most effective sludge dewatering solutions in terms of dewatering efficiency, low running costs and ease to use. At the same time, Esmil Tube Air Diffusers provide continuous, almost maintenance-free aeration with maximum service life.

In the technological chain of wastewater treatment, mechanical treatment is of key importance. Mechanical treatment modules M-Comby is an ideal solution for small water utilities. A compact module contains all pre-treatment stages and ensures efficient removal of waste, grit and grease from wastewater, while the combination of several mechanical treatment stages in one unit allows to significantly save capital costs. 

Key advantages of Combined Mechanical Treatment Module M-Comby:

  • Compact design leads to significant capital cost reduction for new WWTPs or during the reconstruction of existing treatment facilities.
  • High treatment efficiency and successful operation are reached by the possibility of adding modules for the M-Comby Unit. Different types of screens design can be used for various waste removal regarding its type. Moreover, the unit can be additionally equipped with a washing device in case of specific organic content requirements.
  • Debris and grit washing system prevents rot and the spreading of odors and allows transferring of organic compounds to further biological treatment stages if needed.
  • Equipment flexibility. There are two different manufacturing options for M-Comby Unit: basic and modified (for example, with low-temperature protection or a bypass line with a manual screen). Equipment dimensions can be adjusted to the existing building. Due to its compact design, M-Comby has the best footprint among such types of equipment.
  • Optimal organization of the installation site. Unloading of screenings and sand can be implemented both in containers located near each unit and in conveyors that collect sand and waste from several units and transport them to the accumulation zone. This allows to reduce the required floor space.
  • A long lifespan of the equipment is achieved by the use of high-quality materials such as SS AISI 304, 316, 321. Etching, passivation, sandblasting are used for the stainless steel surface treatment. This considerably improves the corrosion resistance of the equipment.
  • Operation and maintenance cost reduction is achieved due to the high automation level. The control system allows to operate the complex both in manual and automatic modes. Operating modes and parameters are intuitive and can be easily adjusted by the personnel demanding minimal attention. The control system can be equipped with additional modules for remote access excluding the necessity of the continuous presence of personnel at the site.
  • Suitability of operation and maintenance. The use of high-quality components and time-tested technical solutions ensures a long lifespan of the equipment and minimizes the need of servicing. The design of the unit is convenient for carrying out preventive maintenance and replacing wearing parts. The main parts of the equipment are easy to access and their maintenance is carried out without using special tools.

The launch of Esmil’s equipment is expected to significantly improve the efficiency of the wastewater treatment process at Mongolia’s water utilities. This will bring significant benefits, including improved environmental quality and reduced negative impact on the ecosystem. Esmil Group is proud to contribute to the environmental sustainability of Mongolia and make it a healthier environment.