ESMIL Tube air diffusers

In September 2023, Esmil Group supplied its tube air diffusers APKV to the Chinese company Gistex with production facilities in Bandung, Indonesia. The Gistex paint and varnish plant faced the problem of inefficiency of the existing equipment for industrial wastewater treatment, so it was necessary to replace them with new devices. As a result, 1,788 r.m. of Esmil tube air diffusers were installed and put into operation at the paint and varnish plant with a 19,000 m3/d capacity.

The paint and varnish plant’s wastewater is characterized by a high concentration of pollutants and the complexity of aeration technology. Since biological treatment is crucial for the proper operation of the entire treatment plant, high-quality treatment of industrial wastewater is a task that requires the highest level of professionalism and reliable equipment.

Esmil Group is a leading manufacturer of wastewater treatment and sludge dewatering equipment. We are always ready for challenging tasks where it is necessary to provide effective and sophisticated solutions to achieve the best result. Esmil tube air diffusers, known for their reliability, high-oxygen transfer and energy efficiency, were supplied to the Gistex paint and varnish plant.

ESMIL Tube air diffusers

Advantages of Esmil tube air diffusers:

  • robust design and reliable operation without frequent cleaning and flushing;
  • resistance to contaminated air in the system;
  • balanced air distribution over the entire volume of the aeration tank;
  • low headloss and reduced operating costs;
  • resistance to aggressive environment;
  • quick installation and commissioning;
  • production control at every stage of the equipment’s manufacture.

Esmil tube air diffusers fully satisfied the customer’s needs and helped improve the quality of treated industrial wastewater. Esmil Group is proud that more and more facilities around the world are choosing their equipment.

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