Multi-disc screw press MDQ

Prodeko-Ełk (part of Esmil Group) has delivered and launched a modern dewatering system based on the multi-disc screw press MDQ-352CL for WWTP in Bartoszyce in 2023. This is an important step in the modernization of the city’s wastewater infrastructure.

Due to the modernization of Bartoszyce WWTP, it was necessary to improve the efficiency and the effectiveness of sludge treatment processes. Thanks to the advanced dewatering system based on multi-disc screw press MDQ-352CL, the wastewater treatment plant will upgrade its dewatering efficiency and reduce operating costs.

The dewatering system based on the multi-disc screw press MDQ-352CL provides an ideal solution to the water utility’s problems of increasing dewatering capacity, reducing service and dewatered sludge management costs.

Multi-disc screw press MDQ

The advantages of a sludge dewatering system based on multi-disc screw press MDQ-352CL Esmil Tsurumi:

  • Reliability and Trouble-Free Operation. The machine is robust and able to handle different kinds of sludge without problems. Screws rotate at a very slow speed (just 0.5 – 2 rpm typically). 
  • Dewatering High-Fat and High-Oil Content Sludge. The multi-disc screw presses excel at dewatering sludge with high concentrations of fats and oils. 
  • Optimal flocculation. The flocculation chamber is integrated into ESMIL multi-disc screw press design, creating an optimal flocculation process
  • Clean Filtrate. In the multi-disc screw press, the main filtrate volume is separated from the sludge in the thickening zone with gravity and without pressing particles through the filter gaps, which creates a very clean filtrate.
  • Low Energy Consumption. Due to its innovative drum design, featuring a slowly rotating screw, the machine consumes minimal energy – approximately 0.1 kWh per 1 m3 of initial sludge – resulting in cost savings and reduced environmental impact.
  • Minimal Wash Water Usage. Because the movement of the discs cleans the filter gaps, and flushing is primarily employed to remove accumulated sediment from the drum body during operation, water usage is minimized. 
  • Convenient Operation and Maintenance. Utilization of high-quality components and proven technical solutions guarantee equipment longevity and minimize maintenance needs.
  • Compact Footprint. Compared to alternative dewatering equipment, multi-disc screw presses have a smaller installation footprint
  • FREA-METAL Screw Protection. A 1.5 mm strip of highly durable material (FREAMETAL) is welded onto the screw’s blade edge, enhancing wear resistance. This addition prolongs the screw shaft’s operational lifespan to approximately 50,000 hours of use.

Multi-disc screw press MDQ

Modernization of the sludge dewatering system – this is an important achievement for the development of sewage infrastructure in Bartoszyce. It provides residents with access to even better wastewater treatment and disposal services.

Such cooperation strengthens Esmil Prodeko-Ełk’s position as a leader in wastewater treatment and the provision of innovative solutions, contributing to a better and cleaner environment. We are very pleased to have the opportunity to cooperate with Bartoszyce WWTP.