container sludge dewatering station based on a multi-disc screw press

In January 2023 at the Esmil Group plant in Poland, production and hydraulic testing of the next container sludge dewatering station based on a multi-disc screw press was completed. This installation is designed for the needs of water and sewage company “Vodokanal” of the city of Uzhgorod, Ukraine and will dewater raw sludge and excess active sludge of the treatment facilities of the city of Uzhgorod.

Implementation of a dewatering complex based on a container plant is a unique solution that allows you to significantly shorten the time of putting the equipment into operation. In the case of traditional wastewater treatment plants, it would take several years to develop project documentation, get its approval and build a technological facility. The Module D sludge dewatering container complex does not require permit documentation and arrives at the treatment plant completely ready – it is enough to connect it to the communication systems, and the equipment can be operated.

multi-disc screw press MDQ-452 Esmil Tsurumi

The main executive device of the complex is the multi-disc screw press MDQ-452 Esmil Tsurumi with a capacity of up to 400 m3/day. The complex includes everything necessary to ensure operation – a Netzsch sludge feed pump, Endress&Hauser flowmeters, an automatic Alebro flocculant solution preparation station, and Esmil’s own production conveyors. It is controlled by a special program and adjusted using a touch panel. The energy consumption of the entire complex with a productivity of about 20 m3/h in the warm season is only about 5 kW.

The Esmil Module D dewatering plant

The Esmil Module D dewatering plant is made in a 40-foot sea container, which is equipped with additional doors and the necessary technological holes for connecting communications. The container also has insulation, ventilation, heating and fire protection systems. In addition, the Module D sludge dewatering complex has another important function – the reduction of characteristic odors produced during sludge processing. Residential areas are located not far from the treatment facilities, so the complex is equipped with supply-exhaust ventilation. To avoid the spread of odors, the air before being released is treated with ozone produced by a built-in generator.

Advantages of ESMIL Module D dehydration complex:

  • Fully autonomous factory-ready installation (plug-and-play technology);
  • Minimum requirement for design and permits;
  • Compact design in 20 ‘and 40’ sea containers;
  • Highly efficient and economical dehydration based on MDQ ESMIL Tsurumi Multi-Disc Screw Press Dehydrators allows to reduce a sludge volume by 7-12 times;
  • Possibility of dewatering “problematic” type of sludge with a high content of fats and oils;
  • Minimum operating costs (low consumption of reagents, wash water and electricity);
  • Simplicity and ease of use – the complex is fully automated, remote control from a smartphone is possible;
  • Mobility – the ability to easily transport of the unit from one site to another.
  • Well-equipped unit with the ability to install additional equipment at the customer’s request

We would like to remind you that in June 2022, a similar complex started working at the sewage treatment facilities of Lutsk WWTP, Ukraine.