Esmil Multi-disc Screw Press MDQ

In August 2022, two multi-disc screw dewatering presses MDQ-351 and MDQ-353CL left the production plant of the ESMIL Group in Ełk. The dehydrators were manufactured to one of the largest oil refineries in Singapore. The screw presses will be dewatering a DAF and biological sludge, and at the customer’s request, they can replace each other in the technological process.

Like the other equipment manufactured in our facilities, they have undergone numerous quality control procedures. Still, in this particular case, we had to perform some additional tests due to the customer’s industry. Oil refineries and other plants in the Oil & Gas industry have very high requirements regarding equipment quality and safety standards. Standard Inspection & Test Report from 20 items, prepared by our specialists before shipment, was supplemented with the PMI test and radiological examination. A few changes were made referring to our standard equipment completion at the customer’s request – a special drive with a variator was used to complete the explosion protection, allowing to control the machine without an inverter.

The MDQ Multi-Disc Screw Presses are the most effective equipment for the dewatering of municipal and industrial sludge, even including difficult-to-dewater types of sludge containing fats, oils, and fibrous inclusions. MDQ dewatering presses are the perfect solution for industrial plants interested in minimizing staff and reducing operating costs.

Compared to other types of dewatering equipment, the Multi-disc screw press MDQ is characterized by low operating costs (lower consumption of flocculant, rinsing water and electricity, no need to replace wearing parts etc.) with minimal maintenance.