Esmil tube air diffusers

Esmil tube air diffusers first appeared on the Chinese market in 2014. Eight years have passed since then, the number of projects implemented in China exceeds 70, and this number is systematically growing every year. The reasons for this are the high efficiency of Esmil equipment, low power consumption, high reliability and almost no need for servicing.

In August 2022, a modernized aeration system was put into operation at the wastewater treatment plant of the industrial enterprise Everest Textile Shanghai with a capacity of 3,000 m3/day. Previously, wastewater treatment was done with disc aerators from a local manufacturer, but low treatment efficiency and high maintenance costs made it necessary to replace the equipment. We delivered 432 meters of diffusers, installed and launched the entire system.

It is worth to remind that the correct operation of the biological wastewater treatment system is very important for the proper functioning of the wastewater treatment plant as a whole. In the case of an inefficient aeration system, the cost of electricity consumed by the blowers can increase significantly.

Esmil tube air diffusers have a unique design that allows you to achieve a high degree of aeration at low operating costs. Due to the small diameter of the air bubble (2-3 mm), the wastewater is effectively saturated with oxygen, and effectively mixing the wastewater in the tank prevents sludge stagnation. Tubular aerators are also distinguished by high flexibility of the system in terms of air supply regulation and resistance to hydraulic impacts. Esmil aerators do not require stopping aeration tanks for cleaning, they are resistant to mechanical damage and aggressive environment, have extremely low energy consumption compared to other types of aerators and are very easy to install.

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Today, our aeration systems are operating successfully all over the world. Our clients include the largest water companies in Europe and industrial companies with a global name.

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