ekoton ifat 2018

From May 14 to 18, the ESMIL Industrial Group participated in IFAT – the largest exhibition in the world dedicated to wastewater treatment and processing of wastes, which took place in Munich, Germany.

Every two years Munich gathers more and more representatives of the wastewater treatment industry from all corners of the world which invent, develop and inculcate more effective methods of environmental protection. In this year, the exhibition of IFAT surpassed all records of visitors: more than 141 thousand professionals from 160 countries arrived in Germany to see the best solutions presented by 3305 exhibitors from 58 countries. Our company has participated in the IFAT exhibition for almost 10 years. This last exhibition has been one of the most successful for the ESMIL Industrial Group. The inspiring atmosphere both on the exhibition and on a stand, which was created by our colleagues, clients and business partners, has brought good professional results.

ESMIL Industrial Group is the acknowledged leader in the production of wastewater treatment equipment in the Commonwealth of Independent States and gains more recognition on the international market every year. We offer a spectrum of equipment covering the basic technical requirements for wastewater treatment plants beginning from the rough cleaning and ending with sludge treatment. The wide assortment of products, high-quality level and fair prices were attracting a large number of visitors to our stand.

ekoton ifat 2018

During the five days of exhibition we have held more than 300 fruitful meetings with representatives of wastewater treatment plants, branch associations, designing and engineering organisations as well as parts suppliers for ESMIL equipment. We presented new developments of the engineering department and presented a new strategy of the company “NOT just technologies and equipment”, that stays in the head our relationships with customers and partners, and also our aspiration to maximize benefits for a client in solutions for wastewater treatment plants.

The positive atmosphere at the stand assisted successful negotiations and fruitful meetings. We were very pleased to get a feed-back from existed clients and business partners about the work of already installed equipment. For us it’s important to help those who choose only effective solutions. It is a well-known fact that this year, as before, the ESMIL stand became a place for the meeting of international delegations, where questions of financing of wastewater treatment plants construction and reconstruction were discussed as well as the optimal equipment selection for treatment of different effluents and sludge dewatering. Additionally, the changes in legislation in the water sector was discussed. All these topics became the most important for us this year. That’s why we were holding meetings with the representatives of the water branch associations of Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Lithuania, Israel, Hungary and other countries.

ekoton ifat 2018

For the ESMIL Industrial Group, IFAT – 2018 became a successful event. We have started not only new projects but also found new partners, which will help to make our equipment more accessible all over the world as well as to improve it to offer our clients yet more effective solutions.

We are grateful to all who visited us in these May days in Munich and we wait for a meeting on IFAT 2020!

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