Company ESMIL joined the IWA (International Water Association) whose activity is directed to bring together the world’s best specialists in the field of water industry to develop and implement the most effective solutions to help save the world’s water resources.

Today, members of the IWA are more than 10,000 individual members and about 500 of the largest corporations in 130 countries around the world. One aim of the unification is the strong scientific and practical potential of the Association to use a more holistic multi-disciplinary approach to develop new ways to solve problems of the water industry.

“Joining the ranks of the IWA will not only give access to the information resources of the Association and help promote the company in the world market, but also enable the exchange of knowledge and accumulated experience with the international water community, which in turn will have a positive impact on the conservation of the world’s water resources” – said Director of the company ESMIL Peter Trunov.

Representatives of the IWA, in turn, thanked the industry group ESMIL for membership in the Association and wish to work in the most dynamic and energetic network of water professionals, bring pleasure to staff in the organization and contribute to the birth of innovations that will have a real impact on the future of water treatment.

REFERENCE. IWA (International Water Association) – a global network that brings together water sector professionals from around the world. The headquarters of the Association is in London, and its offices are located in The Hague, Beijing, Bucharest, Nairobi, Singapore and Washington DC.

IWA was formed in 1999 through the merger of two of the largest organizations in the world: IWSA (International Water Association), founded in 1947, and IAWQ (International Organization for the study of water pollution), working since 1965.

For the year IWA holds more than 40 professional conferences and seminars on various aspects of the management of water resources around the world.

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