Esmil Multi-Disc Screw Press MDQ

In March 2020, MDQ 352C multi-disc screw press dehydrator was installed and put into operation at the local wastewater treatment plant of SKIBA meat processing plant in Chojnice, Poland. The reason for the modernization of the wastewater treatment process was the need to replace the outdated sludge dewatering technology since it could not provide the required degree of dewatering and significantly increased operating costs, which could be avoided with modern solutions.

Since 2011, ESMIL Prodeko-Ełk Group, together with the Japanese company Tsurumi Pump, has been producing MDQ series multi-disc screw press dehydrators. These systems are highly efficient in dewatering even complex sludge at low capital and operating costs.

At the end of November 2019, preliminary tests were organized at the wastewater treatment plant, during which the team of experts analyzed the wastewater, selected the reagents, and organized the sludge dewatering process using MDQ-201 multi-disc dehydrator as part of the mobile sludge dehydration unit. During preliminary tests, it was possible to achieve very good sludge dewatering, obtaining 25-29% of dry matter (DS) in the cake at a low dosage of flocculant, on average 4.5 kg/t of DM, which fully met the customer’s requirements.

An important part of the order was the customer’s wish to be able to increase the capacity of the plant after the planned expansion. For this reason, Esmil professionals proposed MDQ 352CL multi-disc screw press dehydrator with space for an additional dehydration drum. This solution allows increasing the plant productivity up to 210 kg of DM/h in the shortest possible time and at a minimal cost. Already in December 2020, Esmil specialists installed and commissioned an additional dehydrator element, which made it possible to upgrade the unit to the MDQ-353CL version with a maximum capacity of 630 kg of DM/h.

Currently, MDQ multi-disc screw press dehydrator unit is used as the main dewatering installation for post-flotation sludge generated in the wastewater treatment process. The unit is characterized by sludge dewatering in the range of 26-27% of DM in cake and a flocculant dosage of 4.8 kg/t of DM.

To date, Esmil Group has installed and commissioned more than 100 MDQ multi-disc screw press dehydrators around the world. It is one of the most efficient and least demanding sludge dewatering installations on the market.