Esmil Disc Press JD

At manufacturing plants, ESMIL production of new equipment for mechanical sludge dewatering – multi-dehydrator JD has been beginning. The dehydrator is produced jointly with the Japanese company Tsurumi Pump.

The Multi-Disk Dehydrator JD is not the first joint product of the two companies by this time. Jointly produced Screw Dehydrator MDQ successfully works on more than 20 facilities in Hungary, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Russia. Screw Dehydrator MDQ ESMIL TSURUMI won GRAND PRIX at XXI International exhibition of machines and devices for water supply and sewage systems WOD-KAN 2013 (Poland).

Dehydrator JD is intended for dewatering of high organic sludge from different branches of industry, livestock and other agricultural branches as well as sludge from municipal wastewater plants. It is a perfect solution for small wastewater treatment plants where the operation of belt filter-press can not be rational.


ekoton jd dehydrator

There are several fundamental differences between the multi-disk dehydrator JD and screw dehydrator MDQ. Before ordering equipment note that:

  1. JD dehydrator is more universal – it can dewater sludge with a wider range of DS concentrations (from 0,2 to 10% of DS), as well as organic and inorganic contaminants.
  2. JD Dehydrator cannot be clogged by sludge.
  3. Availability of a wash water chamber and wash pump, so no need to have a source of washing water with high pressure.
  4. The discharge point is higher, so cake can be dropped into higher bins.

ekoton jd dehydrator

Multi-Disk Dehydrator JD


  • Compact and easy to install. Major components such as a dehydration unit, flocculation tank, flushing water tank, etc. are compactly housed in a unit. The space required is minimal, and it is easy to install.
  • Possible to treat oil-contained sludge. Since the dehydrator has a “hard to clog” structure, it can be used for oily sludge or DAF froth. Acceptable range of the sludge concentration is between 0.2% and 10%.
  • Energy saving. The dehydrator is operated by a very small total output power. For example, for the JD-1000 model an installed power is only 2.6kW even for the largest model.
  • Low wash-water consumption. Filtering discs are regularly flushed for a certain period of time with a minimum amount of water.
  • No secondary pollution. Since the unit is covered, and the rollers rotate at a very low speed, it does not scatter the sludge, and the operating noise and vibration are extremely low.

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