ekoton m-comby unit bulgaria

Commissioning of two objects on the basis of equipment made by ESMIL Industrial Group has been completed in Bulgaria.

In March 2015 ESMIL’s equipment was commissioned at once on two objects in Bulgaria. Both of the projects of reconstruction and building of sewage treatment plants were realized under the European Bank’s programs and together with our Bulgarian partners Industrial Parts Ltd.

Wastewater treatment plant of the town of Mezdra is located in 20 km from community center Vratsa, and was built from the ground up. Within the project on the object were delivered: rake-type bar screen RKE with a level sensor in the channel, mechanical pre-treatment complex M-Combi for productivity of 600 m3/h, two sludge scrapers, radial sludge thickener with central drive, two sludge dewatering complexes based on belt filter-presses PL-06 C, five slide gates with manual drive and two adjusting slide gates with electric drives.

ekoton radial sludge scraper bulgaria

Sludge scraper ESMIL (Mezdra, Bulgaria)

In March 2015 commissioning of equipment was finished and the wastewater treatment plant was accepted by the State Commission.

ekoton m-comby unit bulgaria

Complex for Mechanical Wastewater treatment M-Combi (Mezdra, Bulgaria)

Another project, wastewater treatment plant in Pomorie, is located in 400 meters from Black Sea shore, not far from famous resort Sunny Beach. Within the framework of reconstruction of the existing wastewater treatment plant two rake-type bar screens and compactor were installed. Operation of the complex of three of these pieces of equipment is provided by a control cabinet according to the signals from level sensors in channels before and after the screens.

ekoton rake bar screen bulgaria

Mechanical pre-treatment complex based on rake screens RKE and screw compactor PVOE (Pomorie, Bulgaria)

The mechanical pre-treatment complex was started up in March 2105, and start of operation of all the wastewater treatment plant after reconstruction planned at the beginning of the summer season. .

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