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In July 2018, the second stage of reconstruction of the biological treatment line in Ostroda, Poland, was made.

In August 2016, ESMIL Industrial Group had manufactured and supplied 129 linear metres of tubular polymeric air diffusers APKV to the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Ostroda. The need to replace existing equipment, membrane type air diffusers, was driven by the Clients’ desire to reduce operating costs. As a result of the first year of maintenance in his comment, the Customer has mentioned that the planned economic benefit was achieved together with consistently high biological treatment efficiency.

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The ESMIL tubular air diffusers are highly efficient and, in so doing, do not require cleaning, flushing, replacement of dispersal elements or other ongoing servicing which are unavoidable when using other aeration systems. Another undeniable advantage of ESMIL diffusers is that they provide considerably less head losses in comparison to used earlier membrane system. The systems based on tubular polyethylene aerators are not vulnerable to crash damages (membrane blow-offs) and has a simple and reliable design.

Two years later, in July 2018 the second stage of the wastewater treatment plant reconstruction was made. And again, as a supplier of equipment, the ESMIL Company was chosen. Under the new Contract, it was manufactured, supplied, mounted and successfully commissioned the following equipment:

  • Рicket type stirrer MPRps – 1 set;
  • Polymeric air diffusers APKV – 126 linear m.

The whole work was carried out in accordance within the project schedule, without any remarks to the quality of mounted equipment from the Customer.

After the reconstruction was made, a subsequent request on manufacturing and mounting of aeration systems for the two remaining aerotanks was received. Thus, until the end of 2018, the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Ostroda will be operating fully with ESMIL tubular polymeric air diffusers APKV.

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