SITE – Tube Air Diffusers
EQUIPMENT – Tesla (Shanghai) Co., Lingang Development Zone, Pudong New Area, Shanghai


On May 10th 2018 Tesla (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in Lingang Development Zone, Pudong New Area, Shanghai. The company is engaged in technology development, technical services in the fields of electric vehicles and parts, batteries, energy storage equipment and photovoltaic products. Electric vehicles, technology, wholesale, consulting, commissioning as well as import and export business of the above-mentioned products and supporting services constitutes the business of the company.

Tesla Gigafactory is the largest foreign manufacturing project in Shanghai to date, and it is also Tesla’s first Gigafactory outside of the United States. Tesla has invested over 2 billion USD in the components plant in China in order to localize the supply chain and is preparing to expand the factory’s production capacity.

As Esmil diffusers has the advantages of stable performance, strong aeration capacity and low energy consumption, the owner decided to use Esmil tube air diffusers for the local WWTP.

Esmil diffuser parameters

Outer diameter120 mm (Threaded to DN100)
Total length1020/2025 mm
ModelAPKV-1 / APKV-2
Disperser length940/1945 mm
Dry weight4/8 kg
Design air flow8-25/16-50 Nm3/h


After detailed investigation of the on-site data, aeration tank conditions and blowers, we recommended arrangement of the diffusers accordingly. The installation of Esmil tube air diffusers was completed on the 30th of May 2019. The equipment operates smoothly since then.

Aeration system length64 r.m.
Air volume of the blowers1200 m3/h (2 blowers, each blower: 20m3/min)
Air volume per diffuser18.75 m3/h/m
Tank bottom coverage10.7% (percentage of the diffuser active area in relation to the bottom area of the tank)
SOTE0.6 m of aerator per 1 m2 of the tank bottom
Distribution of aerators33.5% (SSOTE 6.7% depth 5m)
Pressure loss140 mm H2O

Esmil tube air diffusers layout