EQUIPMENT – Esmil Tube Air Diffusers
SITE – International Airport New City, Chengdu Tianfu


Chengdu Tianfu International Airport New City project is located in the Eastern New District of Chengdu, China. The Eastern New District was established on April 28, 2020. On March 4, 2020 Chengdu proposed 308.6 billion yuan (47.7 billion USD) to be invested in the construction of the Eastern New District of Chengdu within the next 10 years. Among them, the investment in 2020 will reach 28.9 billion yuan (4.4 billion USD).

By 2025 major infrastructure and public service facilities will cover the New District of Tianfu International Airport’s aviation hub is going to be completed by that time as well. Strategic emerging industries, modern service industries, legal governance will be established. The permanent population of the district is estimated to reach 800,000 and the regional GDP – 48 billion yuan.

Airport New City, relying on Chengdu Tianfu International Airport, gathers the functions of aviation economy, international finance, international trade, technological innovation, international education and cultural exchange. According to the development plan, 15 municipal WWTPs will be built in the Airport New City. Esmil  tube air diffusers are used at No. 6, No. 9 and No. 15 water plants.

Esmil Tube Air Diffusers Parameters

Outer Diameter120 mm (Threaded to DN100)
Total Length1020/2025 mm
Disperser Length940/1945 mm
Dry Weight4/8 kg
Design Air Flow 8-25/16-50 Nm3/h

Project Overview

Chengdu Tianfu Airport New City WWTP no. 6 is located to the west of Jiangxi River and to the south of the New Airport Expressway. It’s estimated capacity is 40 000 m3/day. It is planned to serve mainly for innovative manufacturing, with the service area of about 1057 ha.

Aeration System Length1 550 r.m.
Air Volume of the Blowers14 040 m3/h (3 in use; 1 stand-by)
Air Volume per Diffuser12 m3/(m3/h/m)
Tank Bottom Coverage10.4%
Distribution of Aerators0.6 m of Aerator per 1 m2 of the Tank Bottom
SOTE47% (SSOTE 6.6% depth 7.2 m)
Pressure Loss80 mm H2O

The 9th WWTP’s capacity is 32 000 m3/day. It is located in the Jiangxi Henan Group West Area on the south side of the Jiangxi River in the Airport Industrial New City. It is planned for economics, high-end industries, hotel services, medical education, administrative offices and residences. The service area is about 1450 ha.

Aeration System Length1 190 r.m.
Air Volume of the Blowers9 000 m3/h (3 in use; 1 stand-by)
Air Volume per Diffuser9 m3/(m3/h/m)
Tank Bottom Coverage13.1%
Distribution of Aerators0.7 m of Aerator per 1 m2 of the Tank Bottom
SOTE49% (SSOTE 6.9% depth 7.2 m)
Pressure Loss75 mm H2O

The 15th WWTP has a design of 30,000 m3/day. It is located to the east of Jiangxi River in the starting area of the Airport Industrial New City, on both sides of the New Airport Expressway, and close to the new Chengdu Airport, which is currently under construction. It is planned for industrial and logistic purposes. The service area is about 581.6 ha.

Aeration System Length1 250 r.m.
Air Volume of the Blowers10 800 m3/h (3 in use; 1 stand-by)
Air Volume per Diffuser10 m3/(m3/h/m)
Tank Bottom Coverage12.7%
Distribution of Aerators0.7 m of Aerator per 1 m2 of the Tank Bottom
SOTE50% (SSOTE 7% depth 7.2 m)
Pressure Loss76 mm H2O

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